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Faultline USA commented yesterday, "I wanted to let you know that you have been nominated by Layla at the hill [now defunct] for The Blogger's Halo Award. This is an honorary award (no money or spam) to bloggers who have gone way beyond the call of duty by demonstrating a selfless commitment to help other bloggers solve their blogging problems."

Here Are The Nominees (listed in alpha/numeric order)
Adam's blog (Adam)
Bad Example (Harvey) [defunct]
Basil’s Blog (Basil)
bRight & Early (Jim) [defunct]
Dead Guy on the Sidebar [defunct]
In The Bullpen (Chad)
Lost In Lima Ohio (Lilo)
Iowa Voice (Brian)
Planck's Constant (Me!)
Right Truth (Debbie) [defunct]
Trouble With Angels (formerly Diane's Stuff) (Dianne) [defunct]
Wake Up America (Spree and HCdl)
Woman Honor Thyself (Angel)
123beta (Butch) [defunct]

As much as anyone likes to win awards I appreciate more to be thought well by friends. Thank you Layla and thank you dear reader for visiting my blog.

Please go here to vote.

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