For God`s Sake Let Anna Nicole Smith RIP

Is there no shame? They are still fighting over who should get the body even while the Broward County, Fla., medical examiner said her body was decaying faster than expected. During a conference call with Broward County Circuit Judge Larry Seidlin, medical examiner Joshua Perper said Smith's body was decomposing faster than expected and should be visible for viewing no later than Saturday, the Miami Herald reported Wednesday.

I wrote one article on Anna Nicole Smith and everyone should have done only one as well and be done with it. Let's stop all the nonsense and just let her die with dignity. Her casket pictured here is already prepared and she should immediately be buried.

anna nicole smith casket

For those of you coming here to see naked photos of Anna Nicole Smith as we best remember her you will have to go here, since I intend to keep this article respectable. I amazes me how many sick, perverted souls there are out there that cannot get enough of seeing nude, nasty images of Anna Nicole Smith, but I feel I need to offer them as a public service.

I imagine that if Anna is somewhere reading this post she enjoys the fact that her life is still a spectacle even after her death. Wherever she winds up getting buried it does not look like there will be flags flown at half-mast. That seems fitting, that even in death, Anna Nicole Smith can still keep our masts fully erect.

Disclaimer: This post is completely in bad taste but I can't help it. I have to do something reprehensible once in a while in order to balance my life. If I lived it perfectly my wife would leave me for not being human enough. And if I never did anything wrong, how could I beg for forgiveness? And besides, I'm tired of only offending Muslims. I need to share my offensiveness.

### End of my article ###

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