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If you had to guess one of the 50 Most Important People on the Web, it's doubtful you would pick MySpace Personality Tila Tequila (#50). According to PC Magazine this month:

If you're friends with singer/model/actress Tila Tequila (nee Nguyen), you're hardly alone. Some 1.6 million MySpace users identify themselves similarly. Tequila proved that these MySpace friendships can generate power, fame, and wealth. In fact, she redefined the word "friend" to encompass an individual you've never met. Despite what you may think of Ms. Tequila's talents, she could certainly teach a course in the new Web economy, having channeled her online popularity into A-list (well, C-list) fame. She has posed for Stuff magazine, she has a part in an Adam Sandler film currently in production, and her MySpace page currently boasts more than 56 million page views and 1,734,374 comments.

You can get an excellent biography of this 25 year old American model and singer at Wikipedia. My contribution will be whatever Wiki left out: namely glamorous photos of this petite Eurasian girl and her excellent stats: 4' 11", 97 pounds and her self-described 36B-24-36 (is that possible?). And for an Asian lass she has an unusually fine , uh, trying to think of the word... Anyway, innovative young men could turn a tiny girl like this into a propeller, if you get my meaning.

And yes, I know that the lyrics to one of her songs promotes random sex with many men, but that is probably why she has so many "friends":

Playgirl Central Lyrics
Verse 1:
Creepin' every time I got a minute to spare
I was tappin' that ass every night like I didn't care
I call them all baby cuz I forget their names
You would do the same so don't call me insane!
I got lingerie on that is ready to tear
So I pushed him on the bed and started pullin' his hair
Then my phone started ringing it was my other man
We gotta finish up as fast as we can!

Chorus: All my playgirls out doing their thing
Who don't give a damn about what people think
We girls have a right to get nasty too!
Cuz I don't want no love I just wanna get screwed!

Verse 2:
Peepin through my window was a boy named Ben
He was watchin me make out with his best friend Ken
Then I looked behind my shoulder and to my big surprise
I saw a few more people now I'm ready to hide!
So this is how it ends I'm gonna tell you once more
My baby just passed out so I just snuck out the door
There's always something going on as you can see
This is my life now and it's as crazy as me!

[Chorus Repeats]

Breakdown: I've been holding on to the past
You've been gone for so long
Sorry but you f*cked it all up
I've got too many boys no time for you!!!

[Chorus Repeats]

Not as clean and innocent as the lyrics of Tears on my Pillow, is it?

Tucker Carlson interviews Tila Tequila on MSNBC:

Miss MySpace Tila Tequila - The best bloopers are a click away

Not everyone is thrilled with her or her music:

TMZ,Tila Tequila's 1.7 Million "Friends" Not Giving Single a Shot

Tila Tequila may be the most popular person ever on MySpace, but it turns out not very many of her 1.7 million friends wanted to shell out a buck for her first single, "I Love U."

In the first week after the single's release, only 13,000 copies of the single were sold, or less than 1 percent of her MySpace posse -- and the single didn't even make it onto the 75-deep Billboard Hot Digital Songs chart, as Billboard reports. And after a brief appearance at the bottom end of the iTunes top 100 singles chart, "I Love U" disappeared, while nearly two-year-old hits like the Pussycat Dolls' "Don't Cha" and Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy" both hang around the charts.

To be fair, Tila didn't have the benefit of a major record label pushing her single. Then again, as she herself told everyone from the New York Times to Rolling Stone, she turned down two label deals to do it her own way -- and may be paying the price. (And the music itself might have something to it -- the song, produced though it was by crunkmeister Lil Jon, has been roundly savaged.)

HighbridNation calls her music "just crap." If you listen to the video there you'll have to agree.

[Ninja Pirate] - Tila Tequila should be shaved, ball gagged and bound in a safe, Excerpt: Tila Tequila is the Adolf Hitler of culture. The music, the lyrics, the image, the fashion, the mindless banter, the horny fans tryin' to GIT WIT 'ER.

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Here are Tila Tequila sites:

Tila Tequila Wallpapers

Her Official Website: Tila's Hot Spot

A short video of Tila Stripping

Her myspace site

Tila Fashion


MySpace Blocks Hoooka, Makes NYTimes

No sooner had it launched and appeared on the page of the top MySpace user - Tila Tequila - the Hoooka music player was blocked by MySpace over the weekend. MySpace’s tendency to block certain embeds, which Mashable has been tracking for at least a year, has even made the NYTimes today - an article that will no doubt be proudly pasted into Brad Greenspan’s scrapbook for posterity. Hoooka’s portable music store was no doubt a rival to Snocap - and since Snocap has a deal with MySpace and Hoooka does not, it would possibly be breaking the terms of service (ie. no advertisements).

Tila Tequila Naked Photo Shoot

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