OTA - Flopping Aces

This week we take the colors from Flopping Aces.

Welcome to Open Trackback Tuesdays: I pick a blogger from my blogroll and, using the colors of that blogger's weblog, find photographic matches for those colors. The first photo in the upper left corner in this mosaic is a small screenshot from the home page of Flopping Aces.

Mosaic Flopping Aces

1. flopace, 2. Untitled, 3. Espresso anyone?, 4. messy #1,
5. Are You Here Now?, 6. No Wake, 7. fungus 3, 8. 20041217 Sossusvlei, Namibia 229,
9. A Pile of Sticks, 10. Piquette Factory Fire, 11. headphone3, 12. A Separate Reality,
13. pink palace @ night, 14. IM001980, 15. scarlett-johansson-447, 16. causeway,
17. indifference, 18. cartoon face, 19. you are nodding, 20. let me tell you a story..

The rest of the images are taken from Flickr, and chosen simply because I love eye candy. Which is why there is always at least one image of a half-clad and nearly naked woman in blogroll mosaics (gratuitous keyword slinging strictly for traffic-whoring).

Disclaimer: All pictures are found on Flickr and are © to Flickr itself and to their uploaders. Flickr Mosaic made with Mosaic Maker and Krazydad's Colr Pickr

To see all of my blogroll mosaics click here.

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