Israel 59th anniversary

Yesterday was Israel Independence Day, the 59th anniversary of the declaration of the modern State of Israel. I was 3 years old when Israel became a State. 19 years later I was studying in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. We had a party to celebrate Israel's birthday at my friend's home and we talked into the night. At about 1 am I noticed that everyone had fallen asleep except for Ira, a Canadian Jew also studying in Israel. I was so excited about a professor at the University I couldn't stop talking about how he inspired me to study even deeper into the foundations of mathematics.

Finally Ira fell asleep, but I was so interested in what I was telling him that I continued talking to his sleeping body.

About 30 minutes later, Ira stirred a bit, saw me still talking, looked around and went back to sleep. In the morning he said he saw me talking but everyone else was asleep, so to whom was I speaking? I told him that I was so interested in what I was saying that I couldn't stop talking and it didn't matter if anyone else was listening because I had myself for an audience.

Well, tonight, Wednesday I get a chance to talk again on TalkShoe Radio where I will be co-hosting with Layla from The Hill Chronicles [now defunct blog].

We will be talking with Butch from 123beta [now defunct]. Listen in, or better yet, call in with your comments and questions - tonight at 9:00PM EDT.

Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Talkcast ID: 25394

Update: Audio available (Duration: 1:08:29) click here.

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