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Mark Steyn: America Alone

I am 62 but I expect to see in my lifetime a number of formerly Christian countries in Europe turning Muslim. There are five reasons for this dismal, frightening prognosis:

  1. Muslims are immigrating to Europe in unprecedented numbers [NPR].

  2. When they get there, Muslims are reproducing faster than a bacterial infection [PBS]

  3. Muslims cleverly exploit the European welfare state further burdening the youngest and hardest working thus encouraging further emigration [ParaPundit].

  4. European Christians are fleeing from the growing Muslim infestation and consequent barbarities [Pajamas Media].

  5. The Christians who remain are not procreating fast enough to maintain their numbers [].

Hopefully we can keep America from the same infestation of Muslims that has overtaken Europe so that Europe's non-Muslim population has a safe haven to immigrate to.

Mark Steyn's book America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It suggests that Europe may be too far gone to save and if Western Civilization is to survive America has to stand up against Islam. Mark Steyn points out that the current demographics favor Muslims whose birthrate is a multiple of non-Muslims. As this unassimilated minority becomes a majority they will change the institutions until the culture becomes Islamic.

Here are others with the same bleak vision:

Gates of Vienna,
Is European Civil War Inevitable by 2025?

If I were to tell you that within twenty years Europe could find itself engaged in a civil war so bloody it made WWII look like a bun fight, you might logically consider me a candidate for the men in white coats. You would be wrong, however. Based on the demographic evidence collated for this article, such a scenario looks not merely possible, but inevitable. In 2005 European males aged 20-40 outnumbered Muslim males of a similar age by 18:1. By 2025 this ratio could drop to a mere 2:1.

yuppies of Zion,

"racial strife and increasing unrest", which is Eurospeak for "serious problems with unassimilated radicalized Muslim immigrants, highly disproportionately on state welfare and increasingly brazen in openly threatening the lives of MP's and artists, not to mention the rise in crime rates". I guess that would have been too nuanced for the Telegraph to print, or something. But the fact is that the so-called "racial strife" hasn't got a damn thing to do with race but has everything to do with religion; just ask Somali-born Dutch MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali if her problems stem from her skin color or the fact that she speaks out against Islam's treatment of women and her own experiences with genital mutilation and forced marriage.

Muslims on a Bus
Muslim Terrors
Flickr User: afarrell.


Yesterday Asparagirl (or Brooke) took on this issue by crunching some Dutch emigration statistics and noted a worrying trend of fleeing Dutchmen. Of course, the Fortuyn and Van Gogh murders have given some momentum to this phenomenon both of which came on top of issues like increased crime, an overburdened healthcare system, overpopulation, soaring property prices and last by not least a huge unassimilated Muslim population that had started to make its mark on day to day life.

Here's another reason Germans are fleeing their country:

Combs Spouts Off,
A Muslim parallel society

Besides the human rights issues, there are other lesser public policy implications for the mulitculturalists' acquiescence to a parallel Muslim society. Germany's massive social welfare system can ill afford some of the consequences:

In another letter from Absurdistan, the Federal Ministry for Social Affairs issued the following announcement to German health insurance agencies in the summer of 2004: "Polygamous marriages must be recognized if they are legal under the laws of the native country of the individuals in question."

What the policy statement boiled down to was this: In certain cases Muslim men from countries where polygamy is legal -- like Morocco, Algeria and Saudi Arabia -- could add a second wife to their government health insurance policies without having to pay an additional premium.

The threat of terrorism is one reason why Britain is a worse place to live now compared with 20 years ago, a BBC poll suggests.

More Britons consider move abroad

More British people than ever before want to turn dreams of a foreign life into reality, a poll for the BBC suggests.

Dhimmitude In Belgium
Flickr User: mcmo's.
Belgium is imploding:

Dhimmitude In Belgium: Brussels Prosecutes Aramaic Priest For Islamophobia

Interestingly, Father Samual is not preaching violence, hate, or intolerance; rather, he's warning of it. Yet he's prosecuted while Muslim imams preach jihad with impunity. Noteworthy is the fact that in public schools throughout the EU, especially in Belgium and France, Muslim immigrants already make up more than 50 percent of the student body. And with Muslim birthrates in the EU countries exploding, Europe is likely to experience a dramatic demographic change in a generation or two. In radical mosques throughout Europe, talk is rife of the ultimate triumph of Islam in Europe.

While Sweden sleeps:

Immigration Watch,
65 million Muslims in Europe by 2037

So can Sharia be far behind? But Sweden’s consul general in Istanbul, Ingmar Karlsson, is not concerned about that. No, he is sure that a tolerant, Europeanized Islam will somehow magically appear. He is much more exercised about "xenophobia” than about the Islamization of Europe. "Islam is and will be a European religion...”

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