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In 1900 Muslims constituted 32 percent of Africa's population; in 1950 they had increased to 37.3 percent (1) and in 2005 they passed the 50% mark.

Normally one would ask, "Who cares what percentage of Africans are Muslim, since Africa appears to present little danger to Western Civilization?" However, consider this: Ethiopia had five million people in 1900; now it's projected to have 145 million by 2050 (2). The largest religion in Ethiopia? Islam.

So what we have is an increasing percentage of an increasing population increasingly becoming Muslim. Africa now has the highest birthrate in the world at 5.1 babies per baby-factory. All western European fertility rates are below 2.0, the replacement rate. However, hidden inside this dismal statistic is the fact that Muslims within Europe have a birthrate twice that of Christians. So while Christian Europe is declining, Muslim Europe is increasing.

It is bad enough that the high birth rate in poor African nations contributes to poor health, damages the environment, and destroys local economies, we can expect more violence as poverty and disease spread throughout the continent. Since Muslims are not allowed to convert or leave the religion, plain mathematics dictates that by 2050 there will be almost 2 billion Muslims in Africa. Just as poverty in Mexico drives the flow of immigrants into America, these seething billions of locusts will be more and more attracted to Europe.

Sadly, Europe has been busy lately trying to make criticism of Islam a crime. In the spirit of religious tolerance, Muslims are more and more dictating what can and cannot be said against them. If Europe does not soon build a wall, as Israel has done, they will be infested with hundreds of millions of poor trash from Africa. And not kind, gentle Christians, but haughty, demanding Muslims.

Muslims have already gotten the UK to hand out welfare to their 2nd, 3rd or 4th wife, schools to deny the holocaust because it offends them, and have had pigs removed from fairy tales because pigs remind them of Jews. As more poor and ignorant Muslims move into Europe more European welfare systems will implode. When a white German needs welfare he does so for a short period of time and when he gets work he goes back to contributing so that the welfare system can continue to function. But if you have a permanent Muslim underclass that has no intention of working or ever getting off of welfare the collapse is inevitable.

Without more Christian babies, there will be fewer Christian adults who believe in the ethic of hard work and industry. Socialism in Europe only worked while there were enough people to fleece. By 2050 there will only be Muslim wolves and no Christian sheep.

Some of 46 Africans would be immigrants walk after arriving in a fishing boat to the port of Las Galletas, in the Spanish Canary Island of Tenerife
Flickr User: metaphotos.
Then where will tasty, inviting America be? Europe needs to stop all Muslim immigration and begin deporting them as well. The Western world has to stop feeding Africa, stop sending medicine to Africa, stop sending money to Africa. The last thing this world needs is more Africans. See my previous post For God's Sake - Stop helping Africa.

Some of 46 Africans would be immigrants walk after arriving in a fishing boat to the port of Las Galletas, in the Spanish Canary Island of Tenerife, Friday, Aug. 18, 2006. More than 15,000 Africans from some of the continent's poorest countries have made the perilous trip to the Canary Islands from western coasts so far this year, already tripling the total for all of 2005. Thousands of migrants keep attempting to reach Spain's Canary Island archipelago in the Atlantic, many of them dying during the long and dangerous crossings. (AP Photo/Arturo Rodriguez)

There is no need for Muslims to sneak into this country with bombs. They are doing nicely by just opening up more and more mosques, building Islamic hospitals and establishing schools where they can spread their vile hatred of Jews and Christians. Al qaeda is easy to fight. Saudi madrassas in America are much harder to combat since we have knee-bucklers in Congress that will lick any heel, even those of our enemies, to get votes. What happens to America later doesn't matter, as long as they get power and wealth now. After them, the deluge.



The Ecumenical Review, Jul 2001, Ecumenism in a Multi-Religious Context - Africa

In 1900 Muslims constituted 32 percent of Africa's population; in 1950 they had increased to 37.3 percent and in the year 2000 they were 40.3 percent of the population.


Almost all of North Africa and its immediate neighbours including Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Senegal, Gambia, Somalia, Niger, Mali and Mauritania, are Muslim.


BBC, Birth rate 'harms poverty goals'

"Ethiopia had five million people in 1900; now it has 64 million, of whom eight million are receiving food aid," said Mr Ottaway. The projected figure for 2050, he said, was 145 million.

Growth is now levelling off in most of Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East; but in much of sub-Saharan Africa it remains very high.

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