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The Rev Sharpton has agreed to speak with me frankly in this exclusive interview with Planck's Constant.

Bernie: I'd like to welcome the Reverend Al Sharpton to Planck's Constant. So Rev, busy week, eh?

Rev: Whatchu talkin bout boy? I'm busy evera week. Dere's always sum Jewboy runnin over a little black baby or crackers rapin a black woman. Damn, I couldn't be busier if I done had a cape to help me fly.

Bernie: If you're speaking about the incident in Crown Heights on August 19, 1991 that was an accident. And worse it showed the rampant antisemitism among blacks in general. Indeed you inflamed the Jewish hatred further when you shouted, "What type of city do we have that would lie on our children and allow politics to rise above the blood of innocent babies?" I blame you for the death of Yankel Rosenbaum, not that piece of shit Lemrick Nelson.

Rev: Lemrick was done innocent, he..

Bernie: He confessed and the DNA on his bloody knife and dollar bills were a match to Rosenbaum's blood. [The Jewish Forward]. You never apologized to Rosenbaum's family...

Rev: I will only say he was done railroaded and let's be talkin 'bout sumpin else.

Bernie: It's interesting to note that black on black murders in some cities accounts for 96% of violence against blacks but you focus on those few incidents of accidents by Jews or whites...

Rev: (cough, cough) Let's be talkin 'bout sumpin else.

Bernie: You mentioned crackers raping black women. You realize that all charges were dropped in the Duke University Rape Hoax. Have you apologized to those boys for supporting this insane black woman?

Rev: First of all, dis woman was forced to change her testimony. And 'sides who made dis woman insane? It was da oppressive white society. Why isn't dis woman working for a wall street firm as a broker 'stead a strippin for a bunch of white elitist f*cks? 'Cause white folk can't stand ta see blacks achieve der proper place on dis planet. We're da original man. We gazed into ta stars and wrote astrology. We had a conversation and dat became philosophy. We are da ones who created mathematics. We’re not anybody to be left ta die waiting on an ambulance. We are da alpha and omega of creation itself.... We will win because we’re right. We will win because we’re strong. God is on our side.

Bernie: I take that to mean: No, you did not apologize. What I would like to ask is why do you hate Jews so much? You realize that without Jews Dinkins would never have been elected Mayor of New York.

Rev: That's a kike lie. Jews supported the apartheid government of South Africa so deys could get diamonds ta sell on 47th street in New York. How 'bout dere murder of those four girls who got killed in Birmingham in the 60s and the assassination of brother Malcolm X?

Bernie: Why do you persist in peddling those lies? You know it was blacks from the Nation of Islam.

Rev: Lies? You want ta hear lies? What about Imus' terrible slur against dose poor innocent girls on the Rutgers Basketball Team?

help wanted
Help wanted
Flickr User: Tampen.
Bernie: Yes, I saw them cry but I don't see how their careers were damaged, in fact, if anything the Imus remark was the best thing that ever happened to them. Their coach went from obscurity to national prominence, she may now be even able to get better players and a better job. As for the other girls, they'll end up with sports endorsement contracts. But what will the Duke Lacrosse players get? Who will sign them up for endorsement deals? No one. And while we're on the Imus matter, why is it that you never attacked the rappers for their use of words like ho, bitch and nigg..

Rev: Hold on dere white boy, only we can use the word nigger. We can done call our womenfolk bitches and hos if we likes, but dat don't give no crackers da right ta join da picnic, know what I'm sayin?

Bernie: Well, I'm a Jew and I excoriate my fellow Jews for taking liberal positions and especially for supporting blacks when in fact blacks are more anti-Semitic than any other group in America, but in all that I never once called these idiot Jews kikes. By letting rappers demean themselves with these racist words you inure the rest of society to their acceptance. When I first heard the brouhaha about the phrase "Nappy-headed Hos" I thought it was the latest single from 50 cent. So why haven't you asked for these rappers to be fired?

Rev: Why is it dat white folk see sum blacks makin money and da first thing day want ta do is fire them?

Bernie: That's not really responsive but now that Imus has been forgiven by the Rutgers women, I suppose he should get his job back, no?

Rev: Hale no! Forgiveness by dem bitches don't mean I forgives him.

Bernie: On that note we'll conclude this interview. Thank you for stopping by Reverend Sharpton, and I use the term Reverend loosely.

Rev: Well, f*ck you - you white m*f*kr jew bastard kike.

Disclaimer: This was not a genuine interview. If it was, the Reverend Al Sharpton would not have been as polite or civilized. However, if I have portrayed him as an ignorant, racist, antisemitic boor; it is precisely because that is in fact what he is in real life.

Now it very well could be that this whole problem between blacks and whites is one of language. Perhaps Imus thought Nappy-headed Hos was acceptable speech at the time. But sometimes people of the same race and language have a hard time understanding each other. For example, in the following mp3 audio, we hear someone placing an order for Chinese takeout then having another Chinese takeout restaurant repeat the order. Misunderstanding and fun ensues:


Sadly, the Imus Affair will only make it more difficult for other talk show hosts. Soon, any political discussion will have to be censored because some idiot in Arkansas is offended. Soon, any sexual references will be censored because a grandmother in Ohio is offended. Soon, any religious discussion will be censored because a Muslim in Minnesota is offended. Soon, there will be nothing to listen to except bland, non-controversial crap that offends no one.


People Magazine ,
Bill Cosby to Blacks: Stop Blaming 'The White Man'

"Let me tell you something, your dirty laundry gets out of school at 2:30 every day. It's cursing and calling each other 'nigger' as they're walking up and down the street. They think they hip -- can't read, can't write -- 50 percent of them," he said.

Faultline USA, Keeping Racism Alive by Eradicating White Privilege - See more at:

No, sadly, the Race-card Industry won’t die. It will continually transform. The Race-card Industry is just another name for the Hate-card Industry. Since the beginning of time all despots and their mindless minions have always attempted to engender hate, foster national divisions, and to create willing victims.


The best guess is that religious freedom will be the next target. We are already seeing the beginnings of the creation of the American Islamic Victims Card, and along with that will come new concessions and special privileges.


Diary of the Mad Pigeon [defunct blog], Imus: The Pigeon's Response

Al Charlatan and his minions vilify whiteboy after whiteboy, yet doesn't bat an eyeat Bratz dolls or young black Rap artists glorifying male excess and female subjugation as sex objects.

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