Guns kill people and spoons made Rosie Fat

If guns kill people, then... Pencils miss spel words, cars make people drive drunk, spoons made Rosie O'Donnel fat.
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On back of shirt:
If guns kill people, then...
Pencils miss spel words,
cars make people drive drunk,
spoons made Rosie O'Donnell fat.

Now that last line is not nice. Just because you hate fat, loud, stupid people does not mean you should insult them. Perhaps Rosie's fat, loud and stupid because of genetic reasons, perhaps she can't help it.

I recently saw a question asked on Yahoo Answers: '"Guns Kill... Just Like Spoons Made Rosie O'Donnell Fat!" What Does that Bumper Sticker Mean?'

One of the idiots answered:

It's a stupid NRA-type sticker. Basically what it is saying is that people kill people, not Rosie O'Donnell is responsible for her overeating, not the spoon she's eating ice cream with.

But it's idiotic logic....if nuts and sickos can't get guns, then they'll kill fewer people, period.

Does this moron really believe that before guns were invented, almost no one was ever ever murdered? Here's a statistic: 62% of murders in the U.S. in 1981 involved a firearm [source]. If guns didn't exist, would all these people have skipped killing the other party? Not likely. I could easily show that states with strict gun controls have higher murder rates than those without. But so what? The urge to murder will cause a person to do it with whatever weapon he can find. Are we to ban knives, garden tools, cars, rat poison, ropes, bows and arrows, cleavers, axes, hammers, icepicks, etc.?

What the solution is to the urge to kill will have to wait for another post.


Wizbang, 26 Mar 2007,
Rosie O'Donnell's Gulf of Tonkin Rant

Now she's implying that 15 British sailors and marines were never kidnapped by Iran, but instead the whole thing was a contrived "Gulf of Tonkin" scenario by Bush as an excuse to attack Iran. Newsbusters has the transcript:

ROSIE O'DONNELL: But interesting with the British sailors, there were 15 British sailors and Marines who apparently went into Iranian waters and they were seized by the Iranians. And I have one thing to say: Gulf of Tonkin, Google it. Okay.

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