How Jews Saved the World from Tyranny

Once every few weeks or so, an email or comment is left for me, telling me that it's sad that Hitler didn't finish the job. What this fool doesn't realize is that if it were not for Jews, he'd be speaking German in a Godless world.

The two great truths of World War Two:

  1. More than any other person, Hitler was most instrumental in the formation of the State of Israel.

  2. If it were not for Jews, Hitler would have conquered the entire world.

Before I explain, let me say this post started almost 40 years ago. It was 1968 and my brother Pete and I were driving through rain and dense fog on a moonless night on a murky Polish highway driving as fast as we could in order to get to the Czech border before our visas expired. In those days, you could visit and stay in an Eastern Bloc country only if you had a valid visa for a specific time period. We didn't know what would happen if we overstayed, but we didn't want to find out. Communist jails did not have a good reputation.

We passed a signpost so fast I could not read it and keep my eyes on the road, so I asked Pete if he caught the words. He wasn't as proficient in Polish as I was so he offered a tentative guess, "Obyazd?"

Renault 10
Renault 10
Flickr User: Tuuur.
"Objazd?... Detour!" As soon as the translation hit my brain I pounded the breaks, but to no avail, we suddenly found ourselves barreling through a road construction site littered with loose sand and cement dust. The breaks were useless; we were skidding on a sheet of sand and rain. In an instant, a large white surface loomed into view and we punched into it. At that moment I thought we were just about to hit a concrete wall and come to a deadly stop. Instead, it felt as if we were airborne, flying through Jello. We floated until the white surface disappeared underneath us. We came to an abrupt, but fluffy halt.

There was dust and fog all around and I could not see any road in front of us. I looked behind to observe there was no road behind us either. My brother asked, "What happened? Where are we?" I took a guess that we were stuck in the top of a tree since I couldn't see any thing, anywhere. The lights poked into the gloom but didn't reveal any trees, houses, signs, nothing. Pete opened the passenger door slowly and looked around: "I can't see any road - just fog."

I told him to sweep his hand under the car and troll for some ground surface, but that yielded nothing. I shut off the lights since we couldn't see anything anyway. It was a small car, a red Renault 10, and the engine was still running but had popped into neutral when we hit the white nothing. "OK, I'm going to put it in reverse and see what happens." Nothing. We could hear the wheels spinning but no traction, no movement. Although I had no idea what was before us, I put it in first and slowly let out the clutch. Same nothing; same spinning of wheels but no road grab.

"Maybe we're dead," my brother laughed uneasily. I shut off the engine and waited for all the sand and dust to settle. After about 5 minutes, adjusting our eyes to the darkness, we looked again under the car without stepping out (there was nothing to step out to), but this time we could faintly discern a mound of sand underneath us.

We had plowed into a construction sand pile and were sitting perfectly level on top! With the mystery solved we jumped out of the car, landing softly on the sand below. We rocked the car back and forth for a few minutes until we could careen it off the pinnacle.

When we finally got it off we noticed that the front was rather well smashed up. It was now past midnight and the special car insurance we purchased for use in Eastern Europe had expired.

It was 12:30 a.m. when we finally got to the Czech border. We angled the car hoping the guards would not notice the accident. God knows what forms we might have had to fill out to report the accident!

Driving non-stop through the short part of Czechoslovakia we made it to Munich by morning. We pulled into a car repair shop and gave our Europe insurance card and were told the car would be ready in five days. Actually we were told to come back Tuesday at 7:30 a.m.

Being used to American mechanics, I said, "So I'll call you Tuesday morning to verify if it's ready?"

The mechanic looked at me as if I just raped his daughter, "I said the car will be ready Tuesday at 7:30 a.m."

Since this entire conversation took place completely in German, it had a much more ominous air than in English. To give you the flavor In English, it would have sounded more like, "Dummkopf! I ordered you to be here exactly at 7:30 a.m. sharp on Tuesday, not one minute earlier or later you idiot!"

So comes Tuesday morning and I'm outside the shop. As soon as the half-hour struck, I walked into the repair office with almost a goose step. As I walked toward the cashier desk, out of nowhere the mechanic appeared and reached the counter just as I did. He whipped out the repair form, I signed it. He pointed outside, I saw my little Renault 10 slide up to the entrance. He handed me the keys and said Danka. I exited the shop, got in the car, opened the door for my brother, turned the ignition and started off. I looked at my watch - it wasn't even 7:31 a.m. yet. I turned to my brother and asked, "How the hell did they ever lose the war?"

Why The Nazis Lost the War

Return to the present day.

Why the Nazis did not take over the world is quite simple to answer: Jews.

The Holocaust

Shipments of Jews to the camps had priority on the German railways, and continued even in the face of the increasingly dire military situation after the Battle of Stalingrad at the end of 1942 and the escalating Allied air attacks on German industry and transport. Army leaders and economic managers complained at this diversion of resources and at the killing of irreplaceable skilled Jewish workers. By 1944, moreover, it was evident to most Germans not blinded by Nazi fanaticism that Germany was losing the war. Many senior officials began to fear the retribution that might await Germany and them personally for the crimes being committed in their name. But the power of Himmler and the SS within the German Reich was too great to resist, and Himmler could always evoke Hitler's authority for his demands. Few people realized that for Hitler and Himmler killing the Jews was more important than winning the war.

Here are the two poignant lines:

  1. Shipments of Jews to the camps had priority on the German railways.

  2. killing the Jews was more important than winning the war.

German planes could not attack our bombers for lack of petrol because truckloads of poison supplies for the camps were more important. German tanks ran out of gas on the battlefields because trains were too busy bringing Jews to slaughter instead of transporting fuel and food and clothing to German troops.

It took almost three years for America to muster the strength to invade Germany. Had Hitler not paid attention to a single Jew he would have won control over the entirety of Europe and Britain by December 1943. Certainly if he had not chased the Jews out of Germany in the early 1930s there would not have been a Manhattan project which was run almost entirely with European Jews. Very few people are aware that Nuclear fission was discovered in Germany in 1938-1939. If Hitler had not been busy spending billions on Jews, his scientists could have spent more time on an atomic bomb.

The US might not have surrendered after the first bomb dropped on Baltimore, but certainly would have capitulated by the time Philadelphia turned into rubble.

For the second part of my argument, that Hitler was most instrumental in the formation of the State of Israel, consider this: The Jews had been trying for 2000 years to get their homeland back. Because of WWII, tens of thousands of Jewish soldiers who fought in that war, arrived in Israel, trained for fighting, and bringing with them munitions and weapons to force the removal of Imperial Britain. Because of Hitler's attempted solution of the Jewish question, the future Israel obtained hundreds of thousands of refugees and future citizens. Because of Hitler's atrocities, the world was shamed into allowing a Jewish State to come into existence. Without the training they received fighting in WWII, Jews would not have had the wherewithal to defend themselves against the array of forces of the Arab nations shortly after declaring independence in 1948. Hitler made it possible for trained Jewish soldiers armed from the war to be in Israel at the right time. No single person could have forced the hand of history as Hitler did. Hitler is one of the reasons, that although I am an atheist, I believe in Karma.


Jewish News Weekly,
WWII refugees borrowed identities from Jewish Brigade

Despite the prevailing anti-British feeling among the Jewish population in Palestine during World War II, many men such as Yisraeli joined the British Army. But when Yisraeli and some of his comrades finished fighting the Nazis, they began fighting the British restrictions on aliyah. They took part in one of the least-known and yet most daring chapters in pre-state history. They were "doubles" -- brigade members who gave their identities to young DPs (displaced persons).

"Not only did the Palestinian Jews prove to the world that Jewish boys could fight, but we also had a tremendous psychological effect on the Jewish refugees we met in Europe, those who somehow survived the concentration camps, and those who had been in hiding," says Avraham Tor, a Jerusalem attorney and one of the organizers of the doubles.

"These remnants of Jewish communities we encountered, broken physically and emotionally, saw us as messiahs as we herded a group of Nazi captives or simply carried our weapons. Our uniforms with the Magen David insignia became something of a beacon."

### End of my article ###

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