Sopranos Episode 83 - Kennedy & Heidi

Tony and Phil discuss Tony's garbage trucks dumping asbestos
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Episode 83 - Kennedy & Heidi (53 mins): An asbestos-disposal impasse raises tensions between Jersey and New York; Tony has a revelation; Paulie gets upstaged.

Phil finds out that Tony's garbage trucks have been dumping asbestos at the Barone garbage transfer station.
Tony: "Whadju think it was?"
Phil: "I never asked. Tampax. F* do I know?"
Tony: "Well, now you know."

Phil wants 25% of what Tony and Stephano have been getting on the asbestos removal deal. Tony won't pay that much. Phil suggests Tony dump it in his backyard or pool.

Driving back from the meet, Chris suggests Tony meet Phil's number but Tony thinks it would set a terrible precedent with Phil just now becoming Boss of the family. Chris: "Well that's the flying ointment."

Chris convinces Tony not to fight every battle: "Regarding Phil-I gotta ask-what ever happened to 'stop and smell the roses?'

Tony notices that Chris is a bit antsy, fiddling with the departed CD, not paying attention to his driving.

Within a minute they avoid an oncoming car driven by a young girl Heidi. Her friend Kennedy suggests that they go back but Heidi says she's on her learner's permit after dark. Chris' car flips a number of times coming to a stop at the bottom of an embankment. All the speculation of whether or not Chris would flip is finally answered.

Chris is badly injured (he wasn't wearing a seatbelt - but Tony was) and says, "You gotta help me, I'll never pass a drug test," worries that he'll lose his license.

Tony is about to dial 911 on his cell when he figures out that life would be better without him being alive. Tony pinches Chris' nose and suffocates him while staring at him coldly. One of the few times that we see Tony do the merciful thing.

From the hospital Tony calls Carmela to tell her that Chris is dead. "He wasn't wearing a belt."

When Kelli gets the call she screams and drops the phone.

Sopranos Episode 83 - Kennedy & HeidiCackling crows of death wake Tony just before the crew comes over. Sil, Paulie, Walden Belfiore, Benny Fazio, and Bobby come to Tony's room at home. Tony says Chris choked on his own blood which elicits grief and disgust among the crew. A little ironic comment from Tony when Sil asked if Chris seemed a bit high: "Are you kidding? I would have been furious. I would have f* strangled him."

By the kitchen, Tony notices that Paulie is unusually despondent. Paulie admits that although they had their differences perhaps Paulie didn't do right by him either. They find out that their was Cocaine in Chris' blood. His father-in-law asked why he couldn't wear his seat-belt. "He was a whack-adoo."

We find out that Paulie's real mother, Nucci Gaultieri, has died as well.

At Melfi's, Tony confesses that he's relieved that Chris died, because he was such a drag on his emotions. What he calls "The biggest blunder of my career is now gone and I don't have to be confronted by that fact no more." In fact he's ecstatic over the fact. Tony admits killing Big Pussy, his cousin Tony Blundetto and implies he killed Chri... Ooops, just a dream.

Carmela regrets what she thought about Chris and Ade. Tony asks Carmela if she felt relieved that Chris was dead. But she denies it. Tony points out that if Chris had the baby with him then it would have been pierced by a tree branch that went through the windshield. Carmela does not want to hear that.

At Melfi's again, this time for real, Tony admits his feelings about Chris, that he was upset with other relatives that died, "I was prostrate with grief." but not with Chris. He regrets that he has to pretend to feel bad around people who genuinely feel bad about Chris. The pity theme is brought up again: "Guess what pity produces in the recipient?" he reports. "They sh*t on your pity."

Julianna Skiff shows up at the funeral, Carmela wonders how she knew Chris, but doesn't buy the story that Julianna bought her meet at Satriale's. "Good looking woman."

Danny Baldwin who played Sally Boy (the Boss) in Cleaver is also at the funeral at nods to Tony.

A woman comes in whose nom de wake is 3 to 5, 7 to 9 because she never misses a wake.

When Tony says he can't take it anymore, meaning all the grief, Lil Carmine misunderstands and tells him it's all right, they are there for him. Finally, Kelli comes in with dark sunglasess and breaks down sobbing.

The Jasons console A.J.

Tony leans over to the director of Cleaver, Morgan Yam, and repeats the story of the tree branch going through the baby seat at the accident. Perhaps this is Tony needing to justify the killing of Chris. Carmela suggest that they should make an appearance at the "other wake."

Meanwhile Paulie is steaming that none of the crew showed up for his mother's wake. Gerry Gaultieri greets the Sopranos as they enter the Funeral Parlor. While Paulie is complaining to Tony that he has 500 prayer cards, Miss 3 to 5, 7 to 9 walks past. She certainly does not miss a wake!

A.J.'s therapist thinks the meds are helping him because he's not taking Christopher's death badly nor is he depressed over Blanca anymore.

We find out that Victor, the deadbeat from the previous episode had to have his toe removed from the suphuric acid bath.

Tony sees Kelli breastfeeding Caitlin which inspires Tony calls his Vegas connection, Alan, to book a trip; he wants to be alone.

In Vegas, he plays a little roulette, has dinner alone.

A.J. is taking an English Lit class.

Tony goes to see a girl that Chris knew, Sonya Aragon, a Vegas Sex girl and stripper working her way through college, to let her know Chris died.

Stephano complains that the asbestos is backing up. Tony tells him to hang on, he's working on it.

Sopranos Episode 83 - Kennedy & Heidi

Jason Gervasi opens his car door and a young Somali on a bike crashes into it. Jason calls him a nigg** and the boys start kicking the crap out of him.

Tony has sex with Sonya and lights up a joint. Tony admits he always wanted to try peyote but had responsibilities.

Phil calls Tony and expresses his condolences about Chris by hanging up on him.

A.J. complains that life, everything is so f* up and repeats Rodney King's line: "Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?"

Tony downs a button of Peyote and promptly throws up.

At the Bellagio, a stoned Tony starts having luck at the roulette wheel, chortles "he's dead" (Christopher) and falls on the floor with laughter. Now that he killed someone who brought him bad luck, his luck has changed.

One of Stephano's trucks dump the asbestos waste in a swamp marsh in Jersey.

In the Nevada Hills, Tony watches the sun set with Sonya, has a revelation, and says, "I get it."


Julianna Margulies (Julianna Skiff)
Daniel Baldwin (Himself)
Jonathan LaPaglia (Himself)
Cara Buono (Kelli Moltisanti)
Arthur J. Nascarella (Carlo Gervasi)
Max Casella (Benny Fazio)
Gregory Antonacci (Butch DeConcini)
John "Cha Cha" Ciarcia (Albie Cianflone)
Frank John Hughes (Walden Belfiore)
Maureen Van Zandt (Gabriella Dante)
Elizabeth Bracco (Marie Spatafore)
Marianne Leone (Joanne Moltisanti)
Dennis Paladino (Al Lombardo)
Phyllis Kay (Rita Lombardo)
Joe Perrino (Jason Gervasi)
Michael Drayer (Jason Parisi)
Bambadjan Bamba (Cyclist)
Michael Countryman (Dr. Richard Vogel)
Mark La Mura (Alan Kaplan)
Joey Perillo (John Stefano)
Lindsey Cambell (Prof Kline)
Chris Bashinelli (Kevin)
Elizabeth Dennis (andrea)
Matt Sauerhoff (Victor Mineo)
John Cenatiempo (Anthony Maffei)
Artie Pasquale (Burt Gervasi)
William DeMeo (Jason Molinaro)
Jeffrey M Marchetti (Peter "Bissell" LaRosa)
Leah Bezozo (Kennedy)
Christiana Anbri (Heidi)
Zuzanna Szadkowski (Elzbieta)
Igor Litwinowicz (Karyl)
Anthony J. Ribustello (Dante Greco)
Danielle Vecchio (Barbara Giglione)
Ed Vassallo (Tom Giglione)
Joe Pucillo (Beppy Scerbo)
Vinnie Orofino (Brian Spatafore)
Francis Esemplare (Nucci Gaultieri)
Ray DeMattis (Gerry Gaultieri)
John Di Dominico (Howie Reinstein)
Dina Pearlman (Ellen Reinstein)
Mickey Pizzo (Sal Pisano)
Sejal Shah (Chandrakanta Pisano)
Marc Wolf (Mark Lewis)
Michelle Maryk (Jo Lewis)
John Wu (Morgan Yam)
Al Roffe (Operations Manager)
Shawtane Monroe Bowen (Technician)
Joselin Reyes (Nurse Rosario)
Laura E Johnston (Nurse)
Laura Millis McClatchy (Croupier #1)
Gregory Zaragoza (Croupier #2)
Luis Lassen (Senior Worker)
Edward Furs (Driver)
Alexander Flores (Kid)
Sarah Shahi (Sonya Aragon)

Sarah Shahi

Aahoo Jahansouzshahi, also known as Sarah Shahi (born January 10, 1980, in Euless, Texas, USA), is an American actress, model and former NFL Cheerleader of Iranian descent, a descendent of 19th century Iranian Shah Fat′h Ali Shah Qajar. Shahi was named #90 on the Maxim magazine "Hot 100 of 2005" list; she moved up to #66 in 2006.

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