A Woman a Day keeps Anti-Semites Away

miss east germany
Miss East Germany
Photo Credit: Der Speigel

Svetlana Tsys won the Miss Germany contest earlier this year. Lack of women like this is causing antisemitism. Here's the story:

Spiegel Online,
Lack of Women in Eastern Germany Feeds Neo-Nazis

A new study has found that many more women are leaving economically moribund Eastern Germany. The result is a new, frustrated and largely male underclass. And many of them find succor in the neo-Nazi scene.
Since 1991, more than two-thirds of all those who have left Eastern Germany have been women. The result is that in many towns in the region, there are simply not enough to go around -- some places are missing up to 25 percent of their young women. Even worse, the young men who stay behind are often poorly educated, unemployed and frustrated -- perfect fodder for neo-Nazi groups looking for members.

iranian death squadThe situation is the same and opposite for Muslims. Read that again. An overabundance of marriage-age Muslim men are not getting married. Yet there is no shortage of Muslim women looking to get married (1). And whose fault is that? According to Hizbullah Leader Hassan Nasrallah, the blame can be shared between America and Israel.

Of course, one can blame poverty caused by Western Imperialism for the reason Muslim men are not marrying, but I think it's much simpler: the veil. When Muslim men had limited choices in their small village as to whom to marry, it didn't matter if they saw their intended's faces or not. But with the spread of Al Jazeera, TV, and the Internet, they are not so quick to marry a pig in a poke. Ooops, bad simile, so un-Halal of me. Indeed, they are able to see the faces (and bodies) of beautiful Kaffir women like Miss East Germany above and so there must be a real fear that they will end up marrying someone from the Iranian death squad, pictured here.

In non-Muslim countries, unmarried men have other outlets for their sexual needs: prostitutes, easy women, homosexual relations, pornography. But who will produce porn in Iran if those involved are sentenced to death? (2)

And so the lack of beautiful women to marry turns poorly educated, unemployed and frustrated Muslim men into perfect fodder for Jihadist groups looking for members.

Hülya AvşarNow before my Muslim readers start peppering me with emails that not all Muslim women are ugly, yes, yes, I know there are beautiful Arabic, Berber, and Turkish women from Islamic countries, but they are beautiful when they stray from Islam. Here, for example is a particularly non-Islamic, unveiled, hot Turkish Delight, Hülya Avşar:

I believe she is beautiful precisely because she is not filled with anti-Infidel hatred. As I previously wrote in my article Why Israelis will win against Hezbollah - Photos IDF Babes: "Is there a race or culture with so ugly a face as Muslims? Is it because they grow up with so much vile hatred for infidels that it gets reflected in their faces?"


Although China has a female-to-male ratio problem almost as bad as Eastern Germany, it is done by the parents' own choosing to have more males, but at least China has the economic clout to import foreign women to make up the shortfall. Otherwise there will certainly be more violence against women through kidnapping, rape, and forced sex-workers.

A tip of the turban Hat Tip to Smooth Stone for the Eastern Germany story.

Here is some more of Hulya Avsar:

YouTube, Hulya Avsar - Sevdim ( Anna Vissi - Eleni )



Islamic Voice, Suitable Boy? The Search Goes On and On.....

The urban society has so transformed over the last decade that even finding a life partner for many a Muslim girl has become a struggle. The ‘marriage market’ has undergone fundamental changes that damage the prospects of both sexes, but women in particular. “The market, especially for girls, is down”, explains marriage broker, Salim Baig. “Now even uneducated Muslim youth from the middle class are getting matches whereas they used to have a difficult time. Parents are willing to marry off their daughters to anybody who is an earning hand”. In spite of this, Baig has a long list of girls who have been waiting for matches for many years. Young men have become extremely selective about prospective partners in these economically trying times.

Muslim women traditionally married in their early 20s, but now many remain unmarried simply because there are not enough men available. The increasing emphasis on higher education has lessened the number of young marriages. In the case of professionals, choice is often restricted to those in a related field, which prolongs a search.


Porn makers face death penalty under new Iran bill

Iran's parliament on Wednesday voted in favour of a bill that could lead to death penalty for persons convicted of working in the production of pornographic movies.

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