OTA - We should pay our undesirables to leave

America needs to elect someone like French President Nicolas Sarkozy:

Boston Herald,
4 Jun 2007,
France gets tough on illegal immigration, setting quotas for arrests, expulsions

PARIS - France set tough new quotas for the number of illegal immigrants authorities should arrest and expel each month, the new immigration minister said Monday.

Brice Hortefeux, who heads the newly created Ministry of Immigration, Integration, National Identity and Co-Development, said a monthly quota also would be set for ferreting out those employed in France illegally.


Hortefeux, in his meeting with security officials, also insisted on the need to develop a system of paying illegal immigrants to voluntarily return home, setting the number of paid departures at 2,500 for this year _ a 25 percent increase from 2006.

Those volunteering to leave, as part of a program started in late 2005, are given a fixed sum of money, normally $4,700 per couple, with $1,350 each for the first three children.

I think we should extend this offer not just for immigrants but for those American citizens who don't particularly like our country and would be happier somewhere else. I would however change the payouts so that they reflect the realities of American undesirables:

If you are a liberal, you likely aborted all your potential progeny and so to make up for your lack of children we should offer $10,000 total for you and your spouse, living companion, life-partner, dog, or dildo.

If you are a poor minority in this country who whines about how you are downtrodden and exploited by the man, we should offer $1,000 for you and your unmarried spouse, $1,000 each for kids numbered 1 to 4, $500 each for kids numbered 5 through 10, and $250 each for kids numbered 11 through 20.

If you are Muslim, same as above but we limit spouses to 4, and you get $100 each for kids numbered 21 though 54.

Just a word of advice to those of you who were burdened with a silly, African/Ebonic name like Shaniqwa or Jumbulaya: when you get to Africa you may want to change your name to those used by intelligent Africans like John or George. They already know something your mothers and fathers obviously didn't know: you do better in life with an American name no matter where you are born. But especially in America.

Of course, before we embark on such a program it would be wise to secure the borders to prevent double dipping.

We Should Pay Mothers Not to Have Children

There is another approach to eliminating undesirables from our country: I am vigorously opposed to abortion, however I think we should encourage abortion among undesirables by giving $500.00 to any poor mother who aborts her child. Now you may wonder why I would encourage abortion among the poor. Anyone who has read and analyzed the book Freakonomics, knows that the drop in violent crime in the past 24 years can be directly traced to a drop in violent criminals and that that drop can be directly traced to Roe v. Wade. Who would object to Hitler's mother having an abortion? Under these circumstances abortions are the humane thing to do. Certainly we all now know that one criminal in a lifetime can maim, kill, rape, and torture hundreds of innocent lives.

Since we do not have the will to forcible sterilize poor women, offering rewards for abortions for poor women is the most sane, humane approach I can think of.

Thankfully, white liberals tend to have almost no children so they will die out by themselves, although I wouldn't mind paying them to leave as soon as possible and die out somewhere else.

It happens that I am in favor of legal immigration and I have no problem if 100 million immigrants come in, as long as they are documented, vetted against disease and criminal tendencies, and learn English and become Americans, otherwise I don't want them.


American Renaissance,
29 May 2007,
Majorities Of British, Germans And Italians Believe There Are Too Many Legal Immigrants In Their Country

In the United States, the battle on immigration has intensified as the White House and Congressional leaders debate over compromise legislation on this issue. But concerns over immigration and what to do about it are not limited to the U.S. Two-thirds (67%) of British adults, 55 percent of adults in both Germany and Italy and 45 percent of adults in Spain believe there are too many immigrants in their country. While a little less, one-third of adults in both France (32%) and the U.S. (35%) believe that their country has too many legal immigrants. One thing to note is that France is the only country where a majority (52%) believes the number of legal immigrants is about right.

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