Immigrants did not make this country great

Le hall de l'immigration sur Ellis Island
Main Hall at Immigration Museum, Ellis Island

I am an immigrant and I'll say it again: "Immigrants did not make this country great."

"But," you may ask, "what about people like Irving Berlin from Belarus who composed over 3,000 songs, like 'God Bless America', 'White Christmas', 'Alexander's Ragtime Band', and 'There's No Business Like Show Business' that, according to Wikipedia, left an indelible mark on American music and culture.?"

"What about Andrew Grove from Hungary who founded Intel and changed the face of individual computing? What about Liz Claiborne from Belgium, the architect I. M. Pei from China, Bob Hope from the UK, Zubin Mehta from India, Placido Domingo from Spain, Yo-Yo Ma from France, the Director Mike Nichols from Germany, Arnold Schwarzenegger from Austria, Joseph Pulitzer from Hungary, Felix Frankfurter from Austria, Martina Navratilova from Czechoslovakia, Andrew Carnegie from Scotland, Max Factor from Russia, Charlie Chaplin from the UK, Levi Strauss of denim fame from Germany? What about the immigrants who started Hollywood? David Sarnoff of RCA from Russia? What of the millions of others who have contributed to America's cultural, scientific, and political life? Huh, huh?"

Well, I hate to break it to you, these were not immigrants, but rather integrants. Folks who integrated into American life and became Americans and made this country great and continue to make it the greatest country in the world.

Immigrants who come here and continue to speak their native language and refuse to learn English, who remain in their own ghettos with their own kind, and who do not want to accept and integrate into American culture do not deserve to be here and should not be allowed to remain.

What will be difficult to find is a list of famous illegal immigrants who have contributed anything of value to American culture.

Other countries in the world that are under attack by illegal aliens:

Stop the Islamisation of Europe,
21 Jul 2007
Malta (G.C.) Under Pressure.

ANR condemns EU for abandoning Malta to its destiny and urges Government to take unilateral action

Alleanza Nazzjonali Repubblikana condemns the EU for de-facto totally abandoning Malta to a disastrous destiny of isolation whereby the Union ’s smallest member has been left alone to face a new, unprecedented wave of illegal immigrants coming over from Africa.

Speaking at the EU Parliament Civil Liberties Committee on the 3rd July, UNHCR official Paolo Artini compared a drop of 30% in arrivals of African illegal immigrants in Italy with a rise of 400% of arrivals in Malta in the first six months of this year.

Toward Freedom,
17 May 2007,
The Harsh Reality of Migrant Labor in South Korea

Borders melt in this increasingly globalized world. Modern capitalism has generated mutual dependencies between nations. The tempting nooks and crannies of foreign climes have been battered open in the name of progress, enterprise, and a healthy profit margin. In this thriving global market, foreign goods and foreign investors are often welcome. Foreign workers, on the other hand, are all too often branded as "illegal".
The problem of "undocumented" and therefore illegal workers essentially remains. In 2004 they were estimated to make up over forty percent of foreign workers in South Korea. Over the course of 2007, it is expected that as work permits and visas begin to expire, this figure will increase to sixty percent.

Deutche Welle,
3 Oct 2005,
A German Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants?

An initiative in Germany wants to secure the basic rights of its around one million illegal immigrants. But, the country still lags far behind other EU countries when it comes to dealing with the issue. ... Without documents and registration papers, most immigrants are cut off from even the most basic of services such as health care or education for their children.

The problem is exacerbated in Germany because of a clause in the immigration law which makes it mandatory for public institutions such as schools and hospitals to pass on information about illegal immigrants to social affairs offices. Doctors, priests or social workers who helped undocumented persons access basic services risk penalization.

International Herald Tribune,
6 Jul 2005,
Europeans tackle illegal immigration

With illegal immigration a growing problem for France, Britain, Italy, Spain and Germany, their interior ministers and other officials were eager to talk tough after a two-day meeting in the French spa town of Evian. Nicolas Sarkozy, the French interior minister, who has made clamping down on illegal immigration a central plank of his campaign for the French presidency in 2007, said: "We want to send out a very clear signal that only people with the right papers can come to our countries."

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