Mos Def is an Idiot

mos def
mos def
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Last night Bill Maher had Mos Def on the panel, perhaps one of the stupidest guests he's ever had on.

Here are a few things Mos Def does not believe in: that Osama bin Laden had anything to do with 9/11; that we landed on the moon; that OJ Simpson killed his wife; that "kill the infidel" is ever mentioned in the Qur'an. It should be said that Mos Def does however believe in bigfoot.

Of course, the first reaction you will have is that he has to be kidding. Bill Maher pressed him a few times on the matter of 9/11 and the Qur'an, but Mos Def, who seems to be one of those idiot Muslim converts that has no idea what Islam is truly about, remained adamant in his positions.

Why do we even have celebrities discussing matters on which they have no expertise or even the slightest clue? When Johnnie Carson had a celebrity on his show it was to talk about Hollywood or the latest film they were in or to talk about other celebrities. If he had an animal trainer on we would be hearing discussions about exotic animals of Madagascar or the Macaques of Siberia. But when did celebrities suddenly gain expertise in the fields of military strategy, international diplomacy, structural engineering or environmental archaeology?

Why can't Bill Maher bring on Joe, my local plumber, and ask him his opinion on the structural mechanics of bringing 100 storey buildings down in controlled demolitions? How come no one visits Rocco, my Pizza delivery guy, to ask him questions on the intricacies of international espionage and in particular the role of the Italian secret service in furthering the Yellowcake decoy fraud?

Obviously no one would ever think of asking an average Joe about matters that require extensive research, much study, great intelligence and cogent reasoning skills, so why are we even listening to rap stars unless they want to discuss what is the best way to bust a cap in some mofo's ass?

From the transcript of last night's show:

MAHER: [overlapping] But, you don’t think Bin Laden knocked down the World Trade Center?

MOS DEF: Absolutely not!

MAHER: Come on.

MOS DEF: I don’t. I don’t. [applause]

MAHER: [overlapping] You know what? That’s where you lose me, my friend.

MOS DEF: [overlapping] You know, I don’t. Listen—

MAHER: [overlapping] And I’m so on your side. But, you know what?

MOS DEF: [overlapping]—you go to – you go to any barbershop, I am so not alone. I am so not alone. [laughter] [applause]

MAHER: That doesn’t mean you’re right.

MOS DEF: [overlapping] That don’t mean—

MAHER: [overlapping] That don’t mean you’re right. [voices overlap]

MOS DEF: [overlapping] It don’t mean it is not valid, neither. Science – highly-educated people in all areas of science have spoken on the fishiness around that whole 9/11 theory. It’s like the magic bullet and all that shit.

MAHER: And what – and what happened?

MOS DEF: I don’t believe these motherfuckers been to the moon, neither. But that’s just me. [laughter] [applause] [voices overlap]

WEST: [overlapping] Brother Bill—

MOS DEF: [overlapping]—get into a whole big thing about it.

MAHER: And I will rest my case with your statement. [laughter]

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