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I have been banned in China and understand why: some of my articles on China have not been sympathetic.

I won the Most Recommended Blog 2006 at the Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards of Jblog Central but ironically you will not be able to recommend any of my posts because they do not like certain of my articles. I haven't been told which articles so it's hard to say if it's because I attacked Liberal Jews, or wrote nasty things about Islam, or because I published photos of Scarlett Johansson who happens to have a Jewish mother.

[UPDATE: Correction: I was not banned from Jblog Central for any evil reason, it was my fault because of an incorrectly displayed a disclaimer in one of my articles, since rectified. You will now find my blog posts listed on that fine website.]

A few days ago BlogRush dismissed 10,000 Bloggers from its network.

blogrushIt seems I was one of them. I got an email from Blogrush [now defunct] dropping my site from their listings:

We regret to inform you that your BlogRush Account has been made INACTIVE because your blog did not pass our Quality Review criteria. You will find instructions below for making your account active again.
We recently reviewed your blog(s) located at:

We determined that your blog did not meet our strict quality guidelines. Please do not take this personally but realize that we must abide by a very strict set of quality guidelines. (They are listed below.)
BlogRush Quality Guidelines:

- The blog contains unique, quality content that provides opinions, insights, and/or recommended resources that provide value to readers of the blog. Articles, videos, public domain works, press releases, and content written by others are okay to be used on the blog, but the ratio of unique content should far outweigh content from other sources.

- The blog should be updated on a regular basis (at least several times a month) and should not just go a few months between posts.

- The blog should already contain at least 10-12 quality posts. New blogs with very little content will not be accepted.

- The blog's primary contain must be in English. BlogRush is currently not available for non-English blogs.

- The blog should not contain an excessive amount of advertising and links and very little actual content. The focus of the blog should be quality content.

- The primary content of the blog should not be "scraped" content from other sources and/or script-generated pages for the sole purpose of search engine rank manipulation. The focus of the blog should be quality content.

- The blog's content (or advertising) should not contain any of the following types of content: hate, anti-racial, terrorism, drug-related, hacking, phishing, fraud, pornographic, nudity, warez, gambling, copyright infringement, obscene or disgusting material of any kind, or anything considered illegal.

Best Regards,

The BlogRush Team

Obviously I do not violate any of the first five rules. In that last rule, one could eliminate almost all the content on the Internet just on the basis of hate alone. Liberals hate Bush, the New York Times hates Israel, Al Sharpton hates whites and Jews, etc. But so what? Would Blogrush ban the Huffington Post or Media Matters if they were lucky enough to get them on their blog listing service? I don't think so.

The idiots at Blogrush are only interested in blocking pro-Armerican, anti-terror, pro-Israel sites, or so it seems to me. I could be wrong, but unless I get something more explicit from Blogrush, I am left to speculate on the worst of their motives.

If Blogrush hasn't deactivated your account yet, then you haven't offended any Liberals. And if your blog hasn't offended Liberals yet, then you aren't writing about the threats facing our country. But that's OK, I sometimes also write innocuous articles that shouldn't offend anyone, read my posts How to Make the Perfect Hardboiled Egg and Potato Latke Recipe - Chanuka Memories, but I'm sure those posts did not get me rejected at Blogrush.

If Blogrush only wants tame blogs then that's one reason not to click on any of the sites it promotes. There are other reasons to shun it like the plague:

Net Frontier Marketing,
20 Sep 2007,
Blog Rush: 3 Fatal Reasons to Nuke it Right Now

Andy Beal from Marketing Pilgrim released his stats here. Not only did he get less than 10% of the impressions he was owed, his clickthrough rate was 0.0017% (3 visitors from 1,715 impressions).

But wait a minute, Blogrush is still new. Once the ad blindness sets in, the results will be even more amazing.

In other words, you are chucking out that part of your screen real estate for peanuts. If you really want traffic for your blog, use that space to monetize. Buy some text links or traffic from somewhere else. Then it will actually be targeted and worth doing.

Use that large rectangle for an affiliate banner, datafeed, even adsense for chrisakes, or maybe a widget that actually provides a semblance of community and value like mybloglog or bumpzee.

In other words, it’s barely even worth gaming, which says a lot about the overall value of the system.

Thanks for the waste of bandwidth.

Blogrush, being a new kid on the blog-block probably could use all the business it can, so it has a lot of nerve in turning other blogs away:

Right Truth,
22 Oct 2007,
Blog Rush and their Quality Review criteria

In case any fellow bloggers have thought about signing up for BLOG RUSH, a blog syndication site, don't bother. I signed up, checked it out, and the majority of their syndication consists of 'news' like what Paris Hilton or some other celebrity. I had decided to remove their script from my sidebar today as I cleaned up things here at Right Truth. However, today I received an email informing me that Right Truth had been removed from their syndication, because it didn't meet their Quality Review criteria.

There are others who find Blogrush a dud:

Hogan Web Solutions,
22 Oct 2007,
[Defunct Blog]Blog Rush Bites the Big One

What bugs me the most is that after referring several members to Blog Rush, I can’t even log into an area to view my stats, referrals and credits I still have left in the system.

I’m completely locked out of my back office.

And to make it feel even more like I’m a child being called to the time out corner, they ask you to remove the Blog Rush code from your site.

Oh well, that’s cool. You guys are welcome.

I’ve heard some say that Blog Rush was dead on arrival.
Maybe there’s more than one reason for it?
It never delivered a single hit let alone a "Rush” anyway.
Good Riddance.

Here's more:

Sebastian's Pamphlets,
22 Oct 2007,
BlogRush amoebas ban high quality blogs in favor of crap

Whilst blogs like The Tampon Blog are considered "high quality" by clueless amoebas hired by BlogRusH, many great blogs like Tamar’s were banned by the Reeve gang.

In my book that qualifies BlogRush as a full blown scam. If it's not a scam, it's an amateurish operation intended to hoodwink bloggers at least. Hiring low-life surfers for 12 bucks per hour to judge the quality of blogs talking about topics the average assclown on BlogRush's payroll cannot understand is ridiculous, if not a sign of criminal intent. Here is how they hire their amoebas:

UPDATE (Oct 2008): BLOGRUSH has shut down.

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