How to Succeed in America

Kids are wimps today; you can't call anybody names, you can't make fun of fat kids or laugh at those who pick their noses in public; how are kids to improve if everyone is tolerated no matter how disgusting his habits?

September 1950: I'm five and a half years old entering kindergarten. As it happened I spoke mostly German (we lived in Germany for two years before coming to America) although I pretty well understood almost everything in English. Some kid called me a foreigner and although I wasn't exactly sure what that meant at the time, I didn't like his tone and punched him in the face which surprised him so much he ran off crying never to bother me again. So although he meant to teach me that I should be speaking English in America, I learned that if you stand up to someone you get future respect. I also learned that I didn't have to hit him everyday to continue to get his good grace toward me. That was the first punch I ever threw at someone and also the last. Despite being a rather obnoxious and opinionated person, I have never had someone pick a fight with me since then. I was a short kid but I believe my attitude that I would retaliate brutally and not take crap from anyone helped greatly in my dealings with school bullies.

I should mention that there was one instance when I was fourteen where someone demanded a dollar from me and I said he could have it but that he would pay dearly for it. Foolishly he took it despite the warning. A few days later he obtained bitter bruises on his legs (not directly from me) and a few hours later came to me to give my dollar back with extreme apologies. I mentioned on this blog before that early in my life I was not a nice person and held grudges until I got payback.

But back to being called a foreigner. The kid was right, of course, I was in America and I should have been speaking English. I learned quickly enough since there were no German language programs for German-speaking youth around at that time (thank God) to hold me back and the disease of multiculturalism had yet to spread throughout the country. What also helped was that my mother deposited me almost every day after school at a movie theater where I would watch two or three films a night. An usherette that my mother bribed with a box of stockings watched over me until my mother came back to pick me up. By the time I was seven I was speaking perfect Hollywood English (ya ain't gettin' the dough copper, unless ya want to eat a coupla bullets") - just kidding.

Non-English Grammar Schools are Counter-productive

The problem with allowing kids today to take classes in Spanish, Ebonics or similar crap is that they'll never assimilate into the greater American culture. Put enough of those kids into one state and eventually they'll want their own independent country a la French Quebec (1) or Flemish Belgium (2). [Whether they deserve a separate state is a different discussion]

We made it possible for a few Hispanics to live their entire lives in American cities without needing to learn English and now we see them hoisting the Mexican flag over land they say is theirs simply because they saw a street sign written in Spanish.

I've lived in a town that is over 20% Polish for decades. I go into a Polish deli and speak Polish with the sales help because it pleases me to do so. There is an Arabic-owned (Copts not Muslims) gas station and deli near where I live and I order items and speak the few words I know in Arabic because it pleases me to do so. But I would certainly be opposed to my town allowing children to complete their primary education in Polish or Arabic.

I have Russian-, Chinese-, Mongol-, Italian-, Spanish-, Hindi-, Arabic-speaking employees because my telecommunications business is done in hundreds of countries throughout the world. However, I would never hire an employee who cannot speak English, sorry.

Our lunch room sounds like the United Nations since I do not require them to speak English on their free time, but as I said they must be able to speak English. I am an immigrant and I have no problem with unlimited, documented, vetted, legal immigration into this country, but I have no tolerance for those who live in their self-imposed ghettos and shun the American way of life. This applies to blacks as well. I believe the major reason that so many blacks have not fully entered into the American mainstream is not because of white racism (that might have been true half a century ago) but because they aren't Americans. They don't dress like us, don't look like us, don't speak like us, don't act like us, nor do they have the same values as we do.

You may argue that one could say the same thing about the Amish: They live in their own enclaves and dress, speak and act differently than we do. They even have their own set of rules to live by. The reason no one has problems with the Amish is that the Amish mind their own Goddamn business and stay in their own ghettos. They don't ask for government assistance or cry about how they don't have what other Americans have and they leave us others alone. There are Amish in over 20 different states but you don't have murders, rapes, or robberies by Amish affecting the rest of us non-Amish.

Blacks fail Because they Refuse to Assimilate

If blacks never left their ghettos I wouldn't care if they spoke jive and acted like ignorant savages. But the problem is that they refuse to learn English and become Americans and when they inevitably fail at achieving any success they then demand special treatment, government assistance, what have you. Mind you, I have no problem with someone who learns English, goes to school, tries to assimilate into our culture and at some time in his life needs welfare or special help. What I am opposed to is someone programing their life for predictable failure and then asking for handouts as if it's my fault they failed.

And please spare me the racist epithets, I have not a single racist bone in my body. Blacks can marry my sister, run my company, become president, I don't give a shit. What I say here is advice for the good of every man, black, white, yellow, whatever.

Want to succeed in America? Become American for God's Sake. Walking around like a rooster in heat with your baggy pants and nigga attitude ain't gonna get you anywhere in this country. Am I wrong?

And just as in the photo above, not everything is racist in this country just because it uses the word white.



Marianopolis College, 20 Sep 2000, Canada Today - Chapter V : The Nationalist Movement in French Canada

THE French Canadians in Canada now number about 3,300,000. They form the most homogeneous and united group in the country, for they are not divided by religion or racial origin, and their upper governing class is not in control of great wealth and hence far removed from the mass of the people. Moreover, their sense of being ringed round by an alien civilization makes them subordinate their inner differences to the single racial purpose of self-preservation. Their home is the province of Quebec...


Gates of Vienna, 15 Nov 2007, The Complete Dissolution of the Belgian State

Since the creation of Belgium the Flemish have felt themselves discriminated against by the Walloons, and have been treated as second-class citizens even when in the majority. Especially since the advent of the modern welfare state — in which the wealth of Flanders has been siphoned off to pay for benefits awarded to the less productive Walloons — the Flemish have resented the French-speaking minority. The massive influx of unwanted Third World immigrants over the last decade has only intensified that resentment.

Flanders has long aspired to independence, and the popular separatist political party Vlaams Belang is the latest expression of that aspiration.

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