Chad tells world they are against Slavery

Hundreds of Chadian women protest against children trafficking in Abeche, in the east of Chad.
Hundreds of women protest child
trafficking and shout anti-French
slogans in Abeche, Chad.
Photo Credit: CNN

If there is anything more hypocritical than Muslims I haven't heard about it. A court in Chad today sentenced six French aid workers to eight years of forced labour after finding them guilty of trying to kidnap 103 children. I have no problem with the sentence, these sick do-gooders deserve eighty years of hard labour for trying to bring Africans into Europe.

No, what snaps my suspenders, what gets on my nerves, what shivers my timbers, what unlaces my boots, is the gall of this mostly Muslim nation of 10 million wretched souls protesting against these foreigners engaging in "child trafficking:

Epoch Times,
31 Oct 2007,
Chadians Protest Children Case, Cite 'Slave Trade'

Chadians chanting "no to the slave trade, no to child trafficking" protested on Wednesday against a French group accused of trying to abduct African children as France sought to avoid a row with its former colony.

Yeah, right, there was never any slavery in Chad before these filthy Europeans came:

U.S. State Dept Trafficking in Persons Report,
June 2007,
Human Trafficking & Modern-day Slavery

Chad is a source, transit, and destination country for children trafficked for the purposes of forced labor and sexual exploitation. The majority of children are trafficked within Chad for involuntary domestic servitude, herding, forced begging, or sexual exploitation. Chadian children are also trafficked to Cameroon, the Central African Republic, and Nigeria for cattle herding. Minors may also be trafficked from Cameroon and the Central African Republic to Chad's oil producing regions for sexual exploitation. Reports indicate that Chadian rebels and the Chadian National Army unlawfully recruit minors into the armed forces. UNHCR reported that Sudanese rebels recruit Sudanese minors into armed forces from refugee camps in Chad.

Where were these protests before this trial? Hypocrisy, thy name is Islam.

And why would any European be stupid enough to want to adopt an African baby? Are there no children left in Europe worthy of adoption? Why would you want a child from a continent plagued with the highest incidence of AIDS and other diseases? Perhaps Europe could use more of the following:
Sickle Cell
Lymphatic Filariasis
Yellow Fever

The only good thing that may come out of this is if all the African countries banned International adoption altogether.

It should also be noted that many Africans in France and the UK, even though they already multiply like nobody's business, can get welfare faster by adopting babies from Africa.

30 Jul 2003,
Call to close child traffic loophole

The UN agency says thousands of children are being trafficked to Britain each year and human trafficking is the fastest growing business of organised crime.


Another West African child, Victoria Climbie from Ivory Coast, was tortured to death in 2000 by a London-based great-aunt who used her to claim child benefits.

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