Difference between Islamic and Infidel Sport Stars

One of my readers, unhappy with my choices of women who cause Global Warming, asked if I had any pics of Katarina Witt. Here is the quickie from Wiki: Katarina Witt is a German figure skater who won two Olympic gold medals for East Germany, first in the 1984 Sarajevo Olympics and the second in 1988 at the Calgary Olympics. She won the World Championships in 1984, 1985, 1987, and 1988, and six consecutive European Championships (1983-1988). Her competitive record makes her one of the most successful figure skaters of all time.

The reason for my reader's request might have something to do with this: In December 1998, Witt posed nude for Playboy Magazine. The issue in which these photos were published was the second sold-out issue of this magazine. Here are more images, some of which are NSFW.

There are many other female athletes (1) who have appeared in Playboy magazine. Of course what men will never see is female Muslim athletes in Playboy. What is little known is that men cannot see female Muslims playing sports at all.

Women Sports Foundation,
16 Jan 2002,
Unveiling Myths: Muslim Women and Sport

As our war tore through Afghanistan this fall, thousands of women gathered in Tehran, Iran, for the third Muslim Women’s Games (formerly the Islamic Countries’ Women’s Games). This event opened the doors of international athletic competition to millions of Muslim women who wear the hijab by addressing one of the most outstanding dilemmas these Muslim women face in athletics: how do elite female athletes compete in athletic attire when their interpretation of the Koran mandates refraining from revealing the beauty of their bodies to men?

The answer - create a female-exclusive environment in which to play. The Muslim Women's Games were only open to men and photographic media during the opening ceremonies when women were covered. Once the games began, males were prohibited from attending, and women were able to compete in volleyball, handball, basketball and even swimming in performance clothing. Although the stadiums with seating capacities of 15,000 were practically empty, the energetic thrill of this athletic opportunity filled each venue.

How exciting it must be to play sports to an empty arena without cameras and that annoying attention of the rest of the world! How proud they must have been to win with no one watching, no one cheering, no one applauding! Muslims, you gotta love 'em.

hijab is my choice

Yeah, wearing the hijab is to die for, sadly, a Muslim girl was murdered by her Muslim father for refusing to "choose" to wear a Muslim scarf.


Here is her official website

Kati on International Playboy Covers here, the Brazilian issue in which she appears (although she is not on the cover) is one of the best-selling ones of all times for the magazine.



Female Athletes in 'Playboy:'

Amy Acuff

Amanda Beard

Ashley Harkleroad

Mia St John

Gabrielle Reece

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