The Muslim Plan to take over the world

Those who say there are more boys than girls around, in a place like Dhaka Bangladesh, forget to look up.
Dhaka balcony (Bangladesh)
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Leftists and others who do not understand Islam deny there is any Muslim plan to take over any country let alone the world. So I suppose then I am imagining this:,
Muslim population growth in India

Some of the Hindu groups believe that the Muslims are trying to overpower the Hindu Population by having a large amount of children. Since India has been a country where Over population has been a major problem ,the government has always advocated for smaller families. The concept of smaller families has been adopted by all religions in India except Muslims, who are instructed by their political and religious leaders to have big families to over power the Hindu population. The Census shows a sharp rise in Muslim population in India (This has been caused by Illegal immigration from Bangladesh and having a large amount of children).

So yeah, I'm the one deluded with facts, while Liberals ignore those facts in favor of showing how "tolerant" they are.

Although Muslims are a minority in India with 13.4% of the population, India has the third largest Muslim population in the world after Indonesia and Pakistan. Now that doesn't seem fair; Pakistan was split from India just so Indians of the Islamic bent would have their own government. Bangladesh split from Pakistan because Bengalis felt discriminated against by the central Pakistan government. Here is where Karma comes into play. Bangladesh was aided in its quest for independence by India. And now, one of the largest sources of unemployable, ignorant, fertile, fast-growing Muslim population in India is immigrants from Bangladesh.

Seems a waste of effort to form a nation for Muslim Indians only to have them go back into non-Muslim India and turn it into another Pakistan or even worse, another Bangladesh. But, you may ask, what's wrong with India allowing more Muslims to come in? Well, to start with, things are bad enough with the number of Muslims they already have:

Honolulu Advertiser,
11 Nov 2007,
India's new untouchables

Consider these figures: Fifty-two percent of Muslim men are unemployed, compared with 47 percent of dalit men. Unemployment among Muslim women is 91 percent, compared with 77 percent among dalit women. Forty-eight percent of Muslims older than 46 can't read or write. Though they make up 11 percent of the population, Muslims account for 40 percent of the prison population.

untouchable - belongs to lowest social and ritual class in India
Flickr-User: camTrails.
Dalits are the untouchables of the Indian caste system. So here, we have an example of Muslims doing worse than untouchables, and yet they are still encouraged to emigrate from Bangladesh.

Makes you wonder how ignorant, poor, destitute, primitive, and backward it must be in Bangladesh to make you leave for another country where more than half of the Muslim men can't find jobs and where almost a majority of the prison population is Muslim.

Of course, things would look better in Bangladesh by comparison if those new immigrants, by sheer numbers and fertility, become the majority and turn India into the same shithole they turned Bangladesh into.

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