Are Big Dogs Safe around Little Children

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Here's a news flash if you're too stupid to understand the nature of dogs: Absolutely not, Big Dogs are not Safe around Little Children, no matter how well trained the dog is, no matter how long the animal has been in your family, no matter how many times the dog has been oh-so-cute around little children before.

If only this family had read my article If a dog kills your child- it's your fault. perhaps their child would still be alive:

Daily News,
5 Jan 2008,
Baby-killer Doberman euthanized

The City Health Department euthanized the Doberman pinscher that killed his owners' baby son Friday.

The dog was put down at the Brooklyn Animal Care and Control Shelter at the family's request, health officials said.

The pet, named Maccabee, had clamped down on the head of 8-month-old Andrew Stein while his grandmother was watching him in Windsor Terrace on Thursday.

As I wrote in my previous article, "If your family dog weighs more than any child in your family get rid of the dog. If you want a big dog around to protect your home think about this: The chances that the victim of a fatal dog attack will be a burglar are one in 177; the odds that it will be a child are 7 out of 10." That's right you pathetic parents, your child is 124 times more likely to get killed by the family dog than an intruder. If you have a child in your home you might as well get a guard hamster.

I know what you are going to say about YOUR family dog:

  • my dog is good-tempered

  • my dog is protective of my child

  • my dog is calm and so sweet.

Unfortunately for the Steins this is how the beloved family pet Maccabee was described in the news link above before the attack, go read the entire Daily News article. There is no safe dog around children, unless the dog is many times smaller than your child. If you have children and a family dog that is bigger than your child for the sake of your child, give up the dog. Or if you love your dog too much then for his sake give up your child to adoption. There are more than 5 million dog attacks every year leaving thousands of children facially scarred for life or worse.

Just remember this, when they want dogs to run like hell around a track at the dog races they make a cute, cuddly, little thing move quickly in front of their eyes. When your adorable cute, cuddly, little child makes a quick move in front of your family dog, there is an instinct, over a million years old, that will trigger the primitive bite the head of the little thing instinct that all dogs have, even yours; there is no amount of training that can remove this instinct from dogs.

Big dog or small child - you cannot have both. You think you can, are you willing to bet your child's life on it?

And don't think you can avoid the problem by trying to teach your children to be better behaved around the family dog: in another article of mine, National Disgrace - Dog Attacks, I point out that "According to the CDC, in almost all dog attacks, there was no overt aggressive behaviour on the part of the person being bit.", so if you are thinking that your child can prevent being bitten or killed if only the child behaves well around the dog, then you are thinking wrong.

If your dog weighs more than your child, decide which one you want to have in the family; or if you can sleep with the death of your child on your conscience, then take the chance.

mohammed the dog
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Related: In a similar vein, I have many readers complaining that my fear of Muslims is misplaced, that they have Muslim friends and acquantences who are peaceful and nice guys and would never harm Americans. These readers have not read the Qur'an and do not understand Islam. They point to the Bible and the fact that Christians and Jews do not stone adulterers or kill people for not keeping the Sabbath holy and say, "See, all Holy Books have some primitive stuff that modern people reject, the Qur'an is like that and I'm sure there are Muslims who reject portions of the Qur'an."

For those who understand Islam all too well, rejection of any part of the Qur'an is forbidden and, under Shariah law will lead to your death. The Qur'an is not like Jewish or Christian Holy Books which were written over many centuries by many people; the Qur'an was written by one man, in one short time period and is a direct quote from God. There is no choosing over what to follow and not follow.

Saying Islam is like any other religion is an uneducated guess. Saying the Qur'an is a Holy Book is an uneducated guess. Islam is a political system and the Qur'an is a military text book on how to turn the world into one political entity controlled by one Caliphate.

Speaking of murderous dogs,

Dhimmi Watch,
"Attacking or making fun of any religion is the same as attacking and making fun of all religions"

A poster was put up near a Somali-owned store in Lewiston, Maine. It says a dog named Mohammed has been lost, and that the dog is not good with children and cannot be trusted. The Somali community in Lewiston is upset (thanks to Weasel Zippers for the heads-up), and now the rest of the community is swinging into action too, against this possible hate crime.

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