Bill Gates is an Idiot

Bill gates reception office
Reception at Bill Gates's Office

If only Bill Gates would stick to making money for shareholders instead of opening his mouth. This moron has no clue why America is the most successful country on the planet. This is what happens when you drop out of college before reading Adam Smith's the Wealth of Nations. Perhaps then Mr. Gates might have learned how it was possible for an idiot like him to become a billionaire.

Certainly it would have taught him how wrong he was to even utter the inanity:

Bill Gates new project: Farming

"The challenge here is to design a system including profit and recognition to do more for the poor," he said, calling for a new form of "creative capitalism."

You numskull, Capitalism is the epitome of creativity; you don't need to say "creative capitalism" any more than one needs to say "wet water". Everyone by now knows that economic systems that are concerned with the poor make everyone poorer. The Soviets Russians have learned this lesson. The Chinese are beginning to learn this lesson. And only idiots like Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez will never learn this lesson even as they drive their country into the ground.

Our educational system is a disaster. Gates could spend his tens of billions looking for ways to reform our educational system, but instead he wants to help the poor of the world. You are a low-life bastard, and I call you a low-life bastard because you have taken American money and now intend on spending it in Africa where there are only 7 Windows machines in operation. Here's some advice: want to do something for the poor of the world? Spend it here in America on Americans. Those Americans will find, just as they have discovered almost all the great discoveries of the world, a better way for people to farm and a method to feed the hungry of the world.

Trying to teach the poor to become better farmers is like teaching someone how to catch more fish in a rowboat. At most you only help a few people and you do not solve the really big problems in the world. The reason there are so many starving poor people in Africa is precisely because of busy-bodies like you who have no idea what you are doing and how you have devastated the African Continent.

Feeding the poor in Africa without the correct political systems being in place in Africa will only make for more hungry Africans which only leads to more African wars where millions get killed. For Gods Sake - Stop Helping Africa.


Another Rovian Conspiracy,
Bill Gates is an Idiot

It turns out that Gates' lack of original thought is not only confined to software development and IT. Today's Wall Street Journal shows that Bill is also interested in re-hashing tired economic populism:


Bill - The problem with South Africa isn't a failure of capitalism. It's a failure of corruption and the lack of capitalism.

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