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I grew up in Bayonne, New Jersey, a town that was 20% Polish, 20% Irish, and 20% Italian and still is to this day. If you throw a rock for any distance in this city you will invariably hit a Catholic Church. In the fourth grade I attended a Polish Catholic School, Mount Carmel in which you could hear Polish spoken by the nuns and priests. Nonetheless, they endeavored to teach us to speak English well, for after all, we were in America.

I have no problem if your parents do not speak English well, but if you grew up in American schools there is no excuse for not speaking English. As well, I tolerate speakers of the Pennsylvania German language since they keep to themselves and do not come into our cities and towns demanding that we speak their language, follow their laws, or convert to their religion; neither do they lay back and suck on my government teat. That is to say, they leave me and the rest of Americans the frig alone and cost me nothing. I do have a beef with Hispanics who attend Spanish elementary schools in America and then scratch their heads wondering why they need welfare and are unemployable when they finally graduate.

Unless you intend on living in your own ghetto without asking for handouts funded by my tax monies, learn English or get out. Become American or leave. This also applies to blacks who think being Afro-American is more important than being American. That's why there's a class divide in America: blacks put themselves into a class. Listen to what black youngsters call other black youth who try to learn and be intelligent: they taunt them with labels such as "being white". Here's a flash, if your grandparents were born here you're no more African than David Duke so stop naming your children Shanuqwah or DeShawn or Ebony. Please for your children's sake; Studies of resumes (1) have found that people with black-sounding names are less likely to get callbacks for jobs. It's bad enough that your children have to pass the gauntlet of trying to get educated when their peers make it almost impossible, now you come along and saddle them with a name that says, "Hey, I'm from Africa and I don't give a shit about America."

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I say this with all respect. If I didn't care about racial equality I would be urging black parents to continue to hobble their children's future by giving them silly appellations such as Shanice or Tyrone. A rose by any other name would not smell as sweet despite the poet's assertions. Laburnums are quite beautiful but you won't see any poems written thus: "Oh my sweet precious Laburnum, how I long for thee." The name is everything. Ask anyone whose name is Titschitz.

MediaTakeOut.com is a Black Website that calls Jessica Alba a sellout because she feels like an American rather than a Latina:

Alba is my last name and I'm proud of that. But that's it. My grandparents were born in California, the same as my parents, and though I may be proud of my last name, I'm American. Throughout my whole life, I've never felt connected to one particular race or heritage, nor did I feel accepted by any. If you break it down, I'm less Latina than Cameron Diaz, whose father is Cuban. But people don't call her Latina because she's blonde.

Bravo, Jessica Alba. And if you're wondering why a black website is distressed that someone doesn't want to embrace her previous heritage, here's the reason: they're afraid that blacks may do the same - deny their ancestry. But refusing to embrace American culture is precisely why black youth are more unemployed, engage in more crime, are more likely to end up in prison, and generally do not live as long as whites: because they refuse to become Americans.

Speaking Jive is a Joke

Speaking jive or hip-hop or Ebonics is fine for a joke, but it's sad when parents allow their children to speak this failed cultural faux-language. Certainly no one with intelligence would consider a person speaking like this to be anything but a sad, ignorant fool.

It's time for black leaders to tell the poor deluded youth of the inner city that they are destined, fated, condemned actually, to continue to be poor and ignorant for the rest of their lives unless they embrace becoming Americans and embrace white culture. Stop acting gangsta, dog.

And to all my Latino friends, you're in America, get over it. Nothing wrong with being proud of your culture, but if someone wants to identify more with being American don't diss them, mind your own business, but realize that to the extent that you want everything written in Spanish as an accommodation, to that extent you hold back your own people.

New York City is majority Jewish, in fact it is the largest Jewish community in the whole goddamn world, yet no one asked the city to print out driver manuals in Yiddish as they did in New York for Spanish Driving Manuals. Do you know why? Because Jews know that they must speak English. It's time Hispanics learned it as well: Speak friggin English or go back to your ancestral country. Don't want to live in that garbage dump? Then don't make one here.

Perhaps there is hope for Eurabia as well:

German conservative warns foreigners to adapt

A top conservative from Chancellor Angela Merkel's party warned immigrants on Thursday they must adapt to the German way of life or face "consequences."


German must be the language in everyday life and it must be clear that the slaughtering (of animals) in the kitchen or strange ideas about waste disposal are at odds with our principles."

When asked what Koch meant by his comments on waste disposal, a spokesman said: "There are people that dispose of their trash differently than the rest of us.

"People who read this will know what he is talking about. The trash is just thrown anywhere."

I know what he's talking about. Immigrants from third world countries litter because they don't know any better. They were used to living in sewers and filth and muck. I do not exclude many of our own black and Hispanic youth as well. It seems when they leave the ghetto they drop rubbish and trash as they do back home. Sadly, civility and good manners as well as English are not taught in inner city schools.

I can hear it now, "Oh the stereotypes, the racism, the bigotry." Yes, it's a stereotype that the majority of crime in this country is committed by blacks, Hispanics, and immigrants in that order. It's all in my mind. The FBI is just making shit up to further these racist stereotypes. For God's Sake, the way to stop stereotypes is to stop acting like a stereotype. Don't blame me when I point out the truth. Don't kill the messenger, change the message. Learn English, act white (you don't have to be white, just act white), and become American. That's what I did. And yes, I suppose I'm a sellout, but I'm a sellout who makes a good living, has attained the American dream, and is happy that he lives in the greatest country and culture in the world. There I said it, the greatest country and culture in the world and if you don't think so, what are you doing here, buddy?



ABC News, 21 Sep 2006, Top 20 'Whitest' and 'Blackest' Names

Studies of resumes have found that people with black-sounding names are less likely to get callbacks.


The resumes with the white-sounding names were actually downloaded 17 percent more often by job recruiters than the resumes with black-sounding names.

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