The Right to Insult Muslims

Muslims protesting against Jyllands-Poster and the 'Satanic Cartoons' saga in London
Muslims protesting against Jyllands-Poster and
the 'Satanic Cartoons' in London
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We have seen these posters before: "Behead those who insult Islam" and "Butcher those who mock Islam" and "Slay those who disrespect Islam". For the Muslim faithful, freedom of expression is an impediment to the spread of Islam and, in the case of the Danish Cartoons, an excuse by the kafirs to insult the Messenger of God, which insult is punishable by death:

Western Resistance, 15 Mar 2006, UK: Five Islamists Who Called For Death In Cartoon Protests Arrested

At the time of the Messenger Muhammad (saw) there were individuals like these who dishonoured and insulted him upon whom the Islamic judgement was executed. Such people were not tolerated in the past and throughout the history of Islam were dealt with according to the Shariah. Ka'ab ibn Ashraf was assassinated by Muhammad ibn Maslamah for harming the Messenger Muhammad (saw) by his words, Abu Raafi' was killed by Abu Ateeq as the Messenger ordered in the most evil of ways for swearing at the prophet, Khalid bin Sufyaan was killed by Abdullah bin Anees who cut off his head and brought it to the prophet for harming the Messenger Muhammad (saw) by his insults, Al-Asmaa bintu Marwaan was killed by Umayr bin Adi' al-Khatmi, a blind man, for writing poetry against the prophet and insulting him in it, Al-Aswad al-Ansi was killed by Fairuz al-Daylami and his family for insulting the Messenger Muhammad (saw) and claiming to be a prophet himself.

A few days ago I reported on the possible arrest of a UK blogger for the crime of Stirring up Racial Hatred, the Gates of Vienna informs us that Belarus has imprisoned the editor of a Belarussian newspaper that published the Danish Mohammed cartoons back in 2006, and blogger 1389 has written about Ezra Levant and his fight with the Alberta Human Rights Commission for reprinting the Mohammed Cartoons in the now-defunct Western Standard magazine on a complaint from a single Muslim [Ezra recorded the interrogation by a "human rights officer" and posted the video clips on YouTube ].

All over the civilized world accommodations are being made to protect the uncivilized world from being insulted. How did this happen?

Why have we become a society of easily-offended pussies? We can't report on black crime because the telling of truth there is interpreted as racist. We can't have pinup calendars in the workplace because it's anti-feminist. We sue McDonald's because mothers can't face their own responsibility of their children's diet, printing anything unfavorable to Muslims is bigotry, and if business people treat us with insulting behaviour we sue them for 54 million dollars. Everybody takes everything personally.

What Term to Use for the New Black

In this country we have to change the proper term for blacks every few years. Blacks, Negroes, colored folks, African-Americans. Now I believe the preferred nom-de-color is black although when I was a child black was considered a derogatory term. Pepper Miller has an interesting perspective in her essay Is Black Back?. Curiously, some older colored folk prefer the term negro, which if you speak Spanish, is the same as black. In the bizarre case, a perfectly good word "niggardly" insulted a person of the black persuasion. Everyone gets offended even when there is no offense intended.

In my sidebar you will see a line for Site Policies which when clicked will lead to a menu of my policies and rules of engagement and a link to my apology if I offended any reader. The "apology" was one of my first posts on the Internet and the audio link leads to a collection of fart noises. That's what you get for being easily offended.

Insult is good. When I was a child we made fun of fat kids and there were fewer fat kids because of it. God forbid we hurt the feelings of our little ones. Boo hoo. We've done away with dodge ball and other gymnasium recreations to insulate them from physical and mental harm. No child can be told he's too slow or too short or too weak to win at certain sports. In this manner we have ended up with a nation filled with apologetic Liberal idiots who are afraid to touch guns, fight for their rights, or defend their country. Although Liberals don't mind attacking Christians, they lack the testicles to insult Muslims or perhaps they feel Islam, being the enemy of their enemy (this country), is their friend.

Muslims now exploit our over-sensitive culture to further their own goals, one of which is, of course, for the whole world to be ruled by Islam. But the combination of an easily offended religion and an overly obsequious society, makes for a future that bodes ill for us kafirs. Please, no comparisions of Nazi hatred of Jews with a legitimate fear of Muslims. Nazis lied in order to demean Jews - when we tell the truth, the facts demean Muslims. Let's face it, if we lose the right to insult Muslims, we lose the right to speak truly.

Related Insult Joke:

A man who insulted his neighbor was sued by the woman for defamation of character. She charged that he had called her a pig. The man was found guilty and fined.

After the trial he asked the judge, "This means that I cannot call Mrs. Johnson a pig?" The judge said that was true.

"Does this mean I cannot call a pig Mrs. Johnson?" the man asked. The judge replied that he could indeed call a pig Mrs. Johnson with no fear of legal action.

The man looked directly at Mrs. Johnson and said, "Good afternoon, Mrs. Johnson."

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