Albino Dogs and Mutant Religions

albino german shepherd
albino german shepherd
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When I was a mere child of 12 back in 1957 we acquired an albino German Shepherd puppy. German Shepherds as a breed are known to be superb animals as to obedience training, however, as we were later to learn, albino dogs of any breed are genetic defects and not suitable as family dogs. I am not speaking here of white coat dogs but rather of true albinos.

I have written a number of articles warning my readers that big dogs are not safe around little children, but albino dogs are not even safe around big children or adults, no matter how well socialized they may appear to be. As noted by The Doberman Pinscher Club of America:

What is an Albino Doberman?

Why does the DPCA reject the Albino?

We know that these dogs are photophobic, (sensitive to sun light). They have vision problems resulting from abnormal development of the retina.
Poor temperament is a significant concern. Due to the intense inbreeding to obtain the mutation, the temperaments on a great many are totally unstable. These problems range from fear biting to outright vicious attacks...

And just as the behaviour of these dogs cannot be blamed on the dog itself but rather on the mutant DNA which forces the dog to turn vicious, so too do the tenets of certain religions predict violent behaviour in adherents who hold them to be true.

Social Constructs are also DNA

Let me explain: DNA contains the rules by which all life develops and functions; in human society there are many types of DNA which shape our development and define our interaction with others. The DNA can be a holy book or a set of philosophical principles or simply a collection of aphorisms. The principles of National Socialism propagated in the 1930s could only end in death and destruction precisely because adherents of Nazism held the tenets of their faith to be true. The rules required absolute obedience and the punishment for disloyalty (or apostasy) was death.

Different religions treat apostasy in many ways. I attended the 4th grade at Mount Carmel Church in Bayonne and was expelled shortly after I made my Communion (yes I am a baptized atheist Jew who made his Communion). The reason for the expulsion was heresy, at least that is what the expulsion notice said, although to be accurate they should have written apostasy since heretics only reject certain doctrines of the faith while I rejected it in its entirety. But I suppose as a heretic rather than as an apostate, I would not have to undergo excommunication which I suppose is a rather elaborate affair to go through for so trivial a character as myself.

The Catholic Church normally reacts to apostasy by excommunicating the apostate. And while Judaism long ago abandoned capital punishment (1), Islam still demands death for apostates or insults against the prophet (2).

One of the reasons that Judaism left the dark ages was that Jews could disagree with God, in fact to have conversations with Him mano e theo and thus to grow and change as civilization grew and changed. This would never be permitted in Islam and as a consequence it is impossible for Muslims to disagree with Allah's divine word or to change the absolute truth as embodied in the Qur'an.

I am reminded of a Hasidic story:

A rabbi is traveling on a country road near the town of Góra Kalwaria in Poland when he spots a farmer poking his fist at the sky and yelling and stamping his feet on the ground. He approaches closer and he hears the farmer screaming, "I can't believe it! I spent the entire week planting thousands of tomato seeds and here you let these birds peck and eat all of them. How could you do this to me. Sometimes, G-d, I just don't understand you at all. I will admit that you did a beautiful job with the cabbages, and my wife thanks you, but here I'm begging you, I'll plant the tomatoes all over again, but please let them take root and grow, is that fine with you?"

The rabbi, shocked to hear someone speak to the Lord in this manner, admonishes the farmer, and proceeds to show him the proper way to address the Almighty. From then on, the farmer prays to G-d in a respectful manner, repeating the verses in a prayer book left by the Rabbi.

A few weeks later back at home, the Rabbi is startled from his slumber by a booming voice.

"Who's there?" the frightened rabbi sputtered.

The voice rumbled, "I am the Lord God of Israel, the God of Abraham, and of Isaac, and of Jacob, and I am much angry with you."

The rabbi squeaked in fear, "But, my Lord G-d, what did I do to deserve your wrath?"

Thus said the Lord, "There was a farmer near the town of Góra Kalwaria who prayed to me many times each day. He told me of his daily chores, of his plantings and his harvests. I could hear the pride in his voice when he mentioned how his daughter had blossomed before his eyes. Of all the manner of things he told me, all were from his heart and I could feel his love for me when he spoke.

"But then one day some meddling Rabbi came along and taught him to pray, not from his heart, not from the soul I gave him, but from a rote jangle of words from a prayer book. Someone else's prayers that I have heard a myriad myriad repetitions before. And so now, instead of a sincere conversation with a soul I created, I hear sounds without meaning, words that are not his, and no news of his joy of farming my Earth, or what his dreams and wishes are for his life.

"You are to go back and give me back the heart and soul of the prayers I was used to getting. Let this farmer speak to me again directly and with his own words from the heart."

The Rabbi returned to the farmer and told him what God had said. And in the days and years that followed, if by chance you were to travel upon a country road near the town of Góra Kalwaria, you might have seen a farmer laughing or crying, speaking to the clouds above, and having a most joyous conversation with his creator.

So while Jews are allowed to talk to their God whenever they choose and in whatever direction they like, poor Muslims are sentenced to a life of repetition and rote, bound to perform the Salaah, the fixed ritual of mortared worship, unable to deviate from the inviolate order of words and thus are prisoners of their religion.

All About Turkey,
Muslim prayer

... This fixed ritual of prayer is so rigid in Islam that there may be no departure from it and the pious Muslim will slavishly follow it day after day.

Islam and slaveryUnfortunately for the rest of us kafirs (dirty infidels), the military handbook for the Islamic Conquest of the World, or Qur'an for short, not only sanctions but demands our conversion, subjugation, or death. And while Liberals whine about our government listening in on their phone calls from Pakistan, they never seem to worry about their daughters being sold into slavery.

For the faithful of Islam, the DNA of their religion, just as the DNA of mutant albino dogs, predicts the violence that will follow. Just because my Albino German Shepherd was a dog that appeared to be just like any other dog, she could not ignore or disobey the rules by which she had to function. Just because a Muslim appears to be a human being just like any other, he cannot ignore or disobey the rules by which his religion requires him to function.

This is why faithful Muslims cannot integrate. Sure, many of us in America know and work with Muslims that seem to tolerate us, but that is because they are too tiny a minority to force us to the will of Allah. But even that tiny minority already asks us not to carry alcohol in cabs, or to have pork in lunch rooms even if only one Muslim student is offended, or to remove any mention of the holocaust in history texts, or to have footbaths installed in public facilities or separate meeting rooms for Muslims in schools, and on and on. In certain European cities unbelievers enter only at the peril of their lives. Imagine what they would require of us if they were ever the majority!

No matter how well their intentions or how peaceful and like-able they may appear, Faithful Muslims in America will never be Americans.



Deuteronomy 13:6-10

6 If thy brother, the son of thy mother, or thy son, or thy daughter, or the wife of thy bosom, or thy friend, which is as thine own soul, entice thee secretly, saying, Let us go and serve other gods, which thou hast not known, thou, nor thy fathers; 7 Namely, of the gods of the people which are round about you, nigh unto thee, or far off from thee, from the one end of the earth even unto the other end of the earth; 8 Thou shalt not consent unto him, nor hearken unto him; neither shall thine eye pity him, neither shalt thou spare, neither shalt thou conceal him: 9 But thou shalt surely kill him; thine hand shall be first upon him to put him to death, and afterwards the hand of all the people. 10 And thou shalt stone him with stones, that he die; because he hath sought to thrust thee away from the Lord thy God, which brought thee out of the land of Egypt, from the house of bondage.

I would like to elaborate on the sentence, "But thou shalt surely kill him; thine hand shall be first upon him to put him to death, and afterwards the hand of all the people." This did not mean to kill him privately on your own. You had to report him to the authorities and after being sentenced to death, you, as the witness against him, would have to cast the first stone. The reason for making the witness be the first to execute the sentence was to make the witness be sure of his testimony. It's easy to say someone should be killed, but if you are the one who has to throw the first stone, you better be convinced in your heart that he's guilty.

Then about two thousand years ago, Judaism entered the civilized world when the rabbis declared that the death penalty for idolatry, bestiality, blasphemy, illicit sex, breaking the Sabbath, witchcraft, and certain adulterous behaviour was purely for study, not for actual practice or execution. Indeed, Jewish scholars developed such restrictive rules to prevent execution of the innocent that the death penalty became de facto illegal. In modern Israel, capital punishment is illegal in almost all circumstances.

New Yorkers
Against the Death Penalty,
Does Judaism condone capital punishment?

After a long, elaborate discussion of the class of capital crime befitting the stubborn and rebellious son and a description of how the execution was to be carried out, the Talmud states: "It never happened and it never will happen."

The passage then explains that the entire matter is presented purely for study:... In other words, the discussion of capital punishment in the Talmud seems to exist only in the realm of theoretical speculation, just as -- after the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem -- all the laws of sacrifice were retained and studied long after the sacrifices ceased to be offered. The Trial Capital cases were heard by a court of twenty-three judges and, in some cases, seventy-one judges, all of the highest character.
According to Rabbi Judah, a person whose disposition is cruel should be excluded from sitting in judgment in such cases (Sanhedrin 36B). Not only should a person's own record be pure and righteous, but his ancestry had to be free of blemish before he could sit on this court (Sanhedrin 36B). The judges sat on three rising semicircular tiers, as in an amphitheater, in order to see one another, and all murder cases were tried in the light of day; in these ways, everything could be open and aboveboard. Two judge's clerks stood before them, one to the right and the other to the left, and wrote down the arguments of those who would acquit and those who would condemn; both clerks were necessary as a precaution against any mistake. Rabbi Judah said that there were three such clerks: one to record arguments for acquittal, a second to record arguments for conviction, and a third to record arguments for both acquittal and conviction. Witnesses stood in front of these tiers of judges. The stringent demands on witnesses in capital cases rendered almost impossible the likelihood that a defendant would be convicted. To ensure that a witness's testimony was not based on conjecture (e.g. circumstantial evidence), hearsay, simple rumor, or the observations of another witness, the court would "fill the witness with fear." Witnesses were asked to establish the day and hour of the crime and explain the circumstances surrounding it (Sanhedrin 2B). They were then warned that they would be subject to rigorous questioning and relentless cross-examination and held personally responsible should the accused be falsely condemned. Bearing false witness in a capital case was in itself a crime punishable by death (Sanhedrin 9B, 32B, 86A, & 89A). A witness in a capital case had to have seen the entire crime as it was being committed; circumstantial evidence was inadmissible.

Sadly, America still executes those convicted entirely on circumstantial evidence. In this regard we are behind the Jews by 2,000 years. The only other countries that abide the death penalty are savage nations such as China, Cuba, Iran, and almost every country in Africa and in every Muslim country except those who wish to join the EU such as Turkey and Albania.


Answering Islam,

On the other hand, Muslims living in the West are embarrassed by this death sentence. The West values the freedoms of thought and speech, Islam does not, and these virtues have never blossomed under Islamic rule. Consequently, when asked about the Islamic law for apostates many Western Muslims do their best to cover up Islam’s edict. Motivated by conviction, or shame, they make up various defenses and say whatever they can to put your mind at ease and make Islam more acceptable to a naïve, gullible, and ignorant Western audience. It is not difficult to make the Qur'an dance and say what you want it to say....

...It is left to the Muslims to define their doctrines. But once defined we should understand them for they affect our lives. Note then that for some 1400 years the defined sentence for apostasy was execution. Few Muslim scholars have ever challenged this definition; the overwhelming majority of Islamic scholars supported it.

### End of my article ###

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