Spitzer Should Have Used Japanese Sex Dolls

the sex trade now offers rubber doll rentals
Sex Dolls for Rent
Photo Credit: Tokyo Times

There are two things that tripped up Eliot Spitzer: One, he needed large amounts of money which had to be laundered so that its purpose would not be traced (and which was eventually traced to the escort club anyway) and two, his "date" blabbed about their relationship.

If she kept quiet then it would only be speculation as to what really happened and more importantly if the sex only cost a few hundred bucks then the large money transfers would never have flagged the bank which eventually alerted the Feds.

Here's my suggestion for current Governors, Senators, and Congressman: since this country is so anal about sex, perhaps they should engage in a more discreet variety of sex where the object of their affection won't talk to reporters and the cost is more reasonable than $1,000 per hour.

Silicone dolls are available that are anatomically suited for the sex trade. A very pretty doll can be rented for only a few hundred bucks and you can be sure she won't repeat any dastardly deeds done to her. If your needs are more than an occasional fling, you can purchase one for less than $10,000 and it can be paid for with a check or credit card, so no money laundering is required. Then, your only expense is cleaning the unit. And yes, the company can discreetly bill the item as an entertainment system.

It should be mentioned that sex dolls have been used by men for thousands of years in the form of cloth dolls or furry parts of animals (or even other men) whenever the real, female thing is not readily or easily available. The Islamic prohibitions against masturbation, gay sex or premarital love has led to no small shortage of frustrated young men whose only chance of ever having any decent sex is in paradise after they blow themselves up or raping young female infidels whose slutty attire invites their violation.

If you are one of those "I Buy Only American", Cyborgasmatrix has available an "anatomically correct, robotically actuated" sex doll modeled from a life-cast of the body of Pandora Peaks, a retired American adult model, actress and stripper. The life-size (actually super life size since Pandora has 44 H-Cup breasts) doll is made of solid elastomeric gel on an articulated skeleton. According to the company, "she speaks, she moves, she looks, feels, and smells real." Although she speaks, she doesn't talk about you to anyone else.


27 Jul 2005,
Japanese Developing Sex Robots

These Japanese scientists have unveiled the most human-looking robot to date, well at least in the public domain. Secret research is being done now which looks towards the future to build robots so real they will fool humans, in other words they maybe sitting next to you and you would never even know it. The Japanese scientists call their new robot android Repliee Q1 Expo. She flutters her eyelids in normal human increments, looks like she is breathing and moves her hands just like a human would. This robot has over 42 actuators. But indeed, this is merely the first step in human type robotics.

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