Even Assimilated Muslims are Not Safe Muslims

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I have written many posts explaining why Muslims, all Muslims, are a threat to Western Civilization: simply because they will not assimilate. Even those that appear to have assimilated are a threat: look at the terrorists of the July 7 bombings in London. They were not homeless, poor, uneducated, disaffected, alienated , previously-arrested, or recently arrived jihadists. No, they were your average, common, ordinary, British-born and bred, employed, educated, moderate Muslims living in middle-class homes. Two of the suicide bombers even had pregnant wives.

Objecting to my view that all Muslims should be deported, many of my readers write to tell me that they have friends and co-workers who are good Americans or good British citizens and couldn't be a threat to our country or society. I have no doubt the four thugs who inflicted the largest and deadliest terrorist attack on London in its history were viewed as assimilated, moderate, good-natured, friendly sort of chaps, pip pip and all that, by their infidel friends and co-workers.

They were British citizens who enjoyed all the prosperity and good fortune that England allows its countrymen to obtain. In all respects except one they were no different than you or me. That one difference: their brains were filled with the barbarity of the Qur'an. Muslim apologists may interject with the twaddle that Christians also have barbarities in the Bible that fill their brains. Excuse me? No Christian today will stone you for disobeying your parents because it says so in the Bible. You can count on your toes how many Christians have killed their daughters for disobeying them - you will need a few buckets of sand to count the number of honor killings in the name of Islam during the past year.

If a Christian does murder for his God, it's usually because of some chemical imbalance or mental illness - an abnormality if you will. When Muslims kill for their God, there is no excuse of mental illness. It is the normal Muslim who follows the barbaric commands of his God, not the psychopath. A psychopathic Muslim would probably hand out flowers and kisses to the infidels.

As for the normal Muslims in America, one day, our average, common, ordinary, American-born and bred, employed, educated, moderate Muslims living in middle-class homes with pregnant wives will take revenge against all of us American Zionist Crusaders to pay for the indignities we have heaped upon them these past few centuries.

For those who say the government has no right to deport Muslims or to interfere in matters that are strictly religious, let me point out that the government did the right thing by interfering in the business of the polygamous cult (1) in Texas.

Groups, Islam included, that abuse women and children or believe in other primitive, barbaric tenets of their faith should not be permitted to practice their evil just because it's called a religion. Otherwise we should just free that great religious messiah, Charles Manson.



MSNBC, Is Texas group a religious sect or clear-cut cult?

The allegedly polygamous group whose compound was raided this week in Texas is either a religious sect or a full-blown cult, depending on whom you ask.

The raided compound was founded by jailed polygamist leader Warren Jeffs, who took over in 2002 as prophet of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which broke off from the Mormon church in the 1930s over the issue of polygamy.

Authorities have reportedly taken into legal custody more than 400 children and 133 women deemed to have been harmed or in imminent danger of harm.

While the media and some sociologists call the group a religious sect, other experts see it as a clear-cut cult, defined by charismatic leadership and abuse. According to news accounts of the FLDS, pubescent girls were forced into " spiritual marriages" to older men. Inside the compound's walls, researchers say, a new reality was born, with members indoctrinated so fully they had no concept of reality outside the walls.

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