If Jesus Were Mocked, would Christians Riot?

Meanwhile, Somewhere in Dar al Islam....
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Looking at comments on blogs from obvious Muslims, we see them all singing the same song: Suppose it was Jesus who was mocked?

News Flash to all Muslims and Imams over the world: You are reading from a script written by someone who has never been to the West. Christians do not riot when Jesus is mocked. They pray for your soul and say "God Bless you for you know not what you do".

Not only do Christians pray for those who mock them they do it even when attacked:

Why and how should we pray and act for the suffering church?

Recently, I was in a Christian town totally destroyed in one night by a wild Muslim mob, leaving 10,000-20,000 Christians homeless, seeing all their possessions destroyed. We had a big gathering of Christians and Muslims right afterward, and we spoke about forgiveness and reconciliation.


We must pray for and even love those who hate us.

So for Allah's sake - stop whining that Christians certainly wouldn't stand for it if their precious prophets were mocked. You only show your ignorance of the West and Christianity. Just so you know, Mahmood, Jews are the biggest buyers of Mercedes Benz and BMW automobiles. They have gotten over German atrocities from the 1930's. You are still crying in your goat's milk over the Crusades from 800 years ago.

Before 9/11, America suffered its worst attack on American soil from the Japanese on a day that we still memorialize: December 7, 1941. Now take a look in American driveways, even those of Pacific Theater Veterans, and you will see Hondas and Toyotas. We got over it.

If you want to see a video of Jesus being mocked, check out Jesus - the musical; by the way, no one rioted and murdered non-Christians because of it.

So while certain Muslims may feel that images of Mohammed are forbidden, there are sects in Islam for which no such prohibition applies (1). And certainly the Qur'an does not prohibit infidels from drawing images of Mohammed. I suggest you Muslims go back and carefully read what the Qur'an really says about images of Allah or Muhammad (2); don't listen to your riot-inciting imams.

Christians, Jews, and the rest of the world have gotten over past offenses. Forget about the Crusades, the Reconquista and some cartoons. Get over it already.



The Cranky Professor Blog, 12 Nov 2005, Images of the Prophet Muhammad - a Zombie Error

So - are images of the Prophet Muhammad illicit in Islam? From what some people do and say you might think so.

Not so fast. This is a classic zombie error - a commonplace belief that will. not. die!

I am not a specialist in Islamic art, but I teach an occasional low-level survey of the field at these Colleges, where we have an excellent Visual Resources Collection for a school of our size, a collection which is unfortunately for your visual delight very observant of copyright laws, so I can't post any pictures. I popped some terms into the search engine and came up with this list of paintings of the Prophet Muhammad executed by Muslims that we happen to own slides of; this is not an exhaustive list!

So, journalists, don't tell us this is a taboo subject matter in Islam. The physical depiction of the Prophet Muhammad may be a taboo subject matter in some sects of contemporary Islam, but let's all be clear -- this is not a universal prohibition.


The Skeptic's Annotated Qur'an, What the Qur'an says about ... Images of Allah, Muhammad, or the other prophets

21:52-54 "When he said unto his father and his folk: What are these images unto which ye pay devotion? They said: We found our fathers worshippers of them. He said: Verily ye and your fathers were in plain error."

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