Scuba Diving Chihuahua

Mondex, a 5-year-old Chihuahua, poses as he walks the aisle dressed as a scuba diver
Mondex, a 5-year-old Chihuahua, poses as
he walks the aisle dressed as a scuba diver
during a dog show at a mall in suburban
Manila on Sunday April 27, 2008.
Photo: AP/Aaron Favila

I have explained previously Why Dogs Bite their owners and this falls into that category. Why do owners humiliate their pets so?

Chihuahuas are perhaps the dumbest dogs on this planet and the noisiest. I've had at least 6 of them in the past 32 years. If you love them, they're cute, little, cuddly, perpetual puppies. If you hate the barking bastards they're like shaved rats. My wife loves them. I wouldn't keep them from accidentally falling into the meat grinder. Their constant yelping is unbearable.

My daughter-in-law, being a rather insecure person who didn't get the proper amount of love from her mother, had to go out and buy 2 of these yapping beasts from a puppy mill at a cost of about $1500 each. There was no explaining to her that it is immoral to go out and buy a dog when there are tens of millions of dogs in the US abandoned each year, aside from the stupidity of paying more than 50 bucks for a dog. She was also made aware that most of the puppy mills in this country produce animals that have genetic defects and health problems because they are raised in filthy cages, are infested with all kinds of diseases, and are heavily inbred. So what happens to people who do not listen to my warnings? Two years after she bought the little pest, the poor puppy had a back-problem which the veterinarian blamed on a genetic defect that left her paralyzed in her back legs even after a $5,000 operation.

I have to tell you, five grand for a dog that's going to end up paralyzed anyway is just too steep for me, sorry. Now it happens I can afford to pay $50,000 to have my toenail polished if I wanted, but I would never ever consider paying more for an operation than I paid for the dog.

My daughter-in-law could have paid off some of her credit card bills but instead put herself and my son further into debt. And to what end? The dog has no decent life, has to have its urine squeezed out manually, cannot poop normally, and can only walk on two legs. She's considering putting the dog down for mercy sake.

The story doesn't end there. What's worse is that she hasn't learned her lesson, and has informed us that she'll buy another dog soon after this one is gone. I know what you are thinking - she has a right to get whatever she wants, it's her money and her life.

I'm not disputing that. People have a right to stick pencils deep into their ear to scrape the wax out, but that does not mean I shouldn't warn members of my family who may not realize that what they are doing is not good for them.

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