Even Small Dogs are Not Safe Around Infants

Vicious Dog bite
Vicious Dog bite
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In my article Are Big Dogs Safe around Little Children?, I wrote: "Absolutely not, Big Dogs are not Safe around Little Children, no matter how well trained the dog is, no matter how long the animal has been in your family, no matter how many times the dog has been oh-so-cute around little children before."

I urged my readers who owned dogs, "If your dog weighs more than your child, decide which one you want to have in the family; or if you can sleep with the death of your child on your conscience, then take the chance."

Sadly this family did not read my blog post:

Care2 News Network, 17 Jun 2008,
Baby's Genitals Torn Off in Dog Attack

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) - A mother woke Saturday afternoon to find her one-month-old baby bleeding after a dog had apparently attacked him.
Police say the child's testicles had been pulled out of the scrotum. Due to the extent of the damage, the baby was transferred to Lutheran Hospital for surgery. The baby is now in stable condition.

The dog, a six-month-old Poodle/Cairn Terrier mix was put down by Animal Care and Control at the owner's request. Yeah, now.

What's really sad about this is that people are so stupid they still believe it's a matter of training. Animal Care and Control Spokesperson Peggy Bender said, "[I]t's important to start training your dog for the arrival of a new baby as soon as you know you'll be bringing one home." What utter nonsense. If you're bringing a baby into the house it's time to get rid of the dog.

I wrote, "There is no safe dog around children, unless the dog is many times smaller than your child. If you have children and a family dog that is bigger than your child for the sake of your child, give up the dog. Or if you love your dog too much then for his sake give up your child to adoption. There are more than 5 million dog attacks every year leaving thousands of children facially scarred for life or worse."

Losing one's reproductive organs might be worse than a facial scar. If this infant is rendered sterile then I guess he won't have any children to worry about getting mauled and so will have no problem getting a dog to keep him company in his old age.

Please send this story to friends who own dogs that are larger than their children. You may just save a child's life.

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