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Inside Afghanistan: Behind the veil
Inside Afghanistan: Behind the veil
Photo by: BBC

I often get emails scolding me for my cold-hearted attitude toward Muslims. They ask, "How would you feel if most of your family were killed by American soldiers and your country occupied?" The question betrays my reader's naivete of what is actually motivating Muslim hatred of the western world and a sad lack of knowledge of history.

Millions of Germans and Japanese had many of their family killed by American soldiers and lived under our occupation for generations until even the present day without once sending over pro-Nazi jihadists or Shinto kamikazi to America or blowing up American embassies, so please spare me how justified Muslims are to commit suicide bombings because America occupies a tiny sliver of Muslim land.

It happens I do know why so many Muslims commit so many barbaric attacks (more than 1700 savage attacks a year).

There are two kinds of Muslims, those who have many wives and sire many children and those who cannot afford to get married and have even one wife.

The Muslim that has many children brings into this world thirty, forty, or fifty children many of whom fill the country with 20 year-old uneducated imbeciles who, if they can read have only read one book in their lives, who then gather on street corners, bored, unemployed, empty in pockets, devoid of hope, unable to pass a quiet evening in their own squalid, filthy, pathetic abodes because of the overcrowding and stench of a dozen yelling and screaming siblings. These are the second type of Muslim.

These poor wretches have nothing to entertain themselves; music, films, dancing, drinking is forbidden and even when secretly available they do not have the money to purchase them. Ignorant, penniless, jobless and dirty they do not have enough money or enough sheep to buy a wife nor enough dinars to buy even a dry-hump from a prostitute. Rape of course is the least expensive form of entertainment and even if the woman is punished by stoning when she can't bring forth 4 witnesses to the assault she's better off dead anyway since her life is a series of beatings, abuse, and sexual torture from her brothers, uncles, fathers and any male that should wander into the house.

Most Muslim Women Are Baby Factories

Very few Muslim women have productive, happy lives; those in non-western countries are nothing more than annual baby factories and daily whipping posts for their husbands who barely treat them as well as the family goat. Unable to travel alone, to drive, to have a career, to get educated these women whose only hope for happiness is to die and go to paradise are the ones raising young Muslim men who find the only break in their monotonous, pathetic, squalid, hopeless, bleak lives is to hear sermons in the mosque about how the Jews have plundered their wealth and how Americans have stolen their oil.

Islam is a perfect ideology for savages living in the 7th century. The Qur'an promises them that everything that is forbidden or unavailable to them in life - wine, women and song - is available to them in paradise. The Imams tell them that although America makes available wine, women and song on Earth now - that this is but the offerings of Satan.

Allah forbid that they learn America is indeed the paradise promised in the Qur'an.

So yes I know what makes Muslims the savage, brutal, barbaric, baby-killing, woman-raping thugs they are. It is their religion. The sooner we wean them off that, the sooner we will have peace on Earth.

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