13 Beautiful Arab Women

In my article Why Israelis will win against Hezbollah - Photos IDF Babes, I wrote, "Is there a race or culture with so ugly a face as Muslims? Is it because they grow up with so much vile hatred for infidels that it gets reflected in their faces? I mean take a look; grim, ugly, stubble-chinned, crooked-nosed, wrinkled, brown, leathery complexions with pockmarks, warts, moles and skin lesions. And Muslim men are not any better looking either."

Some readers misunderstood this to mean I thought Arabic women were ugly. Quite the contrary, I think many, many Arab women are beautiful, just not Muslim Arab women.

Here for my readers are 13 beautiful Arab women. By their professions and dress I assume they are not Muslims. May Hariri was born to a Shia Muslim family but they haven't stoned her for dressing the way she does; perhaps she pays them off. If I am wrong, dear reader, let me know.

  1. Sabine Nahas
    Sabine Nahas
    Lebanese Model
    Miss Internet Beauty 2000

  2. Haifa Wehbe Photos Collection
    Haifa Wehbe
    Flickr User: hayss
    Haifa Wehbe born March 10 1976 is a Lebanese model, actress and singer. In 2006, she was on People Magazine's 50 most beautiful people list.

    [Update June 2009: Haifa Wehbe married two months ago (link) and it appears her family is Shia Muslim]

  3. Adebibe was born in England and is of Moroccan, Irish and Greek descent.

    Formerly a sales assistant at the clothing store Topshop, she was selected on February 14, 2006 (both her birthday and that of Lara Croft) to be the seventh model for Lara Croft in the popular video game series Tomb Raider.

  4. may_hariri_lebanese_singer_attractive
    May Hariri
    Flickr User: Jean_Hera
    May Hariri is a Lebanese Singer born on December 24, 1972 to a Shia Muslim family in South Lebanon. She is a Lebanese pop artist as well as an actress. May is described as the most beautiful woman in Lebanon.

  5. Amal Hijazi
    Amal Hijazi
    Amal Hijazi (born on February 20, 1978) is a Lebanese singer, model and pop icon. She is currently one of the most active Lebanese singers and has given a number of concerts throughout the world and has made countless TV appearances.

  6. Nawal Zoghbi
    Nawal Zoghbi
    Nawal Al Zoghbi is a successful Lebanese Arab singer.
    Nawal's Website

  7. Nadine Njeim
    Photo Credit: Funonthenet
    Nadine Njeim
    Miss Lebanon 2007

  8. Myriam Fares
    Photo Credit: Iraqi Bloggers Central
    Myriam Fares - Lebanon - Singer

  9. Maya Nasri
    Maya Nasri
    Maya Nasri is a Lebanese actress and singer.

  10. Razan Moughrabi
    Lebanese singer Razan Moughrabi

    Razan's Website

  11. Elissa
    Elissar Z. Khoury, known as Elissa is a Lebanese singer. She is one of the most well-known female singers in the Arab world.

  12. Dina al-Sabbah
    Kuwaiti American - Bodybuilder

  13. Celine Zaynoun
    Photo Credit: Iraqi Bloggers Central
    Celine Zaynoun - Lebanon - Singer

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