How Israel tells the Difference Between Hamas and Civilians

Hamas Terror Academy
Hamas Terror Academy

There are anywhere from 20,000 to 40,000 Hamas soldiers. There are 1.5 million innocent civilians. Even if you are a complete moron you should be able to do the following math. 40,000 divided by 1.5 million is 1 soldier for every 37.5 civilians. So if one simply dropped a bomb in gaza and blindly killed 1200 people there would be 32 Hamas soldiers and 1168 innocent civilians. Even the UN, the best friend Hamas can have, estimates that 25% of the dead are civilians.

If Israel is targeting civilians than why is their hit rate - 25% - so miserably low when if they simply closed their eyes and bombed randomly without looking, they could get 96% civilians hit? Mathematics alone proves that Israel has to be doing something right to be saving so many civilian lives.

It is obvious that Israel must be taking great pains to target only soldiers that instead of only killing 32 soldiers (the number expected if they weren't careful) they actually killed 900 - or 28 times better! I don't know any army that is so careful, so considerate, so caring for human life that they have spared so many civilians that could have died just in the normal fog of war. This is why intelligent people know that Israel cares more about the Palestinian people in Gaza than Hamas does (1).

By the way, there are so few civilians dying that Hamas has to stage fake deaths.

But still how does Israel tell the difference between Hamas and civilians? First let me tell you a story when I was in Israel during the 6 Day War: When Israel captured thousands upon thousands of Egyptian soldiers the officers took off all symbols and decorations that might indicate their rank so as to evade Israeli interrogation. Know how the Israelis told the difference between an Egyptian Officer and an Egyptian grunt? They had the soldiers drop their pants. The foot soldiers wore cotton briefs and the Officers wore silk ones. Rank has its privileges I suppose.

So I suspect the Israel military has a similar method to determine which dead are Hamas and which are civilian: Since Hamas soldiers are barbaric, savage cowards who hide behind innocent women and children, the Hamas soldier is the one who shit in his underwear when he saw the Israelis coming. The underwear trick worked in the 6 Day War, it works again here.



Huffington Post, Hamas Is Responsible for the Civilian Casualties in Gaza

Don't believe me? On Meet the Press yesterday, David Gregory read an excerpt from a book by panelist Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic, who wrote about Nizar Rayyan, the Hamas leader who was killed by Israel during the current offensive (along with at least two of his four wives, but notice how Al Jazeera described him as dying with "14 members of his family," failing to note the fact that he had four wives). Goldberg, who had interviewed Rayyan, wrote:

"The question I wrestle with constantly is whether Hamas is truly, theologically implacable. That is to say, whether the organization can remain true to its understanding of Islamic law and God's word and yet enter into a long-term nonaggression treaty with Israel. I tend to think not, though I've noticed over the years a certain plasticity of belief among some Hamas ideologues.... There was no flexibility with Rayyan. This is what he said when I asked him if he could envision a 50-year hudna (or cease-fire) with Israel: `The only reason to have a hudna is to prepare yourself for the final battle. We don't need 50 years to prepare ourselves for the final battle with Israel.' There is no chance, he said, that true Islam would ever allow a Jewish state to survive in the Muslim Middle East. `Israel is an impossibility. It is an offense against God.'... What are our crimes? I asked Rayyan. `You are murderers of the prophets and you have closed your ears to the Messenger of Allah,' he said. `Jews tried to kill the Prophet, peace be unto him. All throughout history, you have stood in opposition to the word of God.' Can Israel achieve deterrence with someone like that?"

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