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Iwo Jima Ghetto
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Almost all second and third generation Americans no matter where their ancestors came from sound just like Americans. When I was a youngster, my parents' attempts at English were so horrible and their slavic accents so deep that I usually had to translate what they were trying to say to my friends. Because they had come to America [1949] as adults, they were never able to completely absorb and imitate American speech patterns. But they tried. I was a little over 4 years old when my feet landed at Ellis Island and so today anyone speaking with me for a minute will take me for someone from Jersey (1) or Brooklyn.

There are some Americans born here that do not speak English at all or just barely:

Planck's Constant, Learn Your Country's Language or Get Out

I have no problem if your parents do not speak English well, but if you grew up in American schools there is no excuse for not speaking English. As well, I tolerate speakers of the Pennsylvania German language since they keep to themselves and do not come into our cities and towns demanding that we speak their language, follow their laws, or convert to their religion; neither do they lay back and suck on my government's teat. That is to say, they leave me and the rest of Americans the frig alone and cost me nothing. I do have a beef with Hispanics who attend Spanish elementary schools in America and then scratch their heads wondering why they need welfare and are unemployable when they finally graduate.

The same goes for blacks who speak ghetto, dress ghetto, and act black. You is in America, speak American, dress American, and act American. Hey, it's a free country, you want to be black, be poor, be miserable all your life then keep acting black. But don't complain that the Man is holding you back. You is holding you back.

Q. What is the proper way to address a black man who dresses like a white man, speaks like a white man, and acts like a white man?
A. Mr. President.

Now that we has gots ourselves a black Prez, I don' wanna hear no shit from no one. Not from Al Sharpton, not from Jesse Jackson, and especially not from Europeans. Hey, Europe with your multicultural tolerance and your looking down your noses at the US: in your face! We got a black leader for a country before you whining bleeding heart leftists even tried.

For the text of Obama's inaugural Address go here.

I promise not to say anything bad just because I disagree with him. For the next four years I will only discuss his policies and not whether his wife is patriotic enough or bring up Rev Wright - things like that. From here on it's the content of issues and only the content of issues. I'll give him a chance.



Planck's Constant, I'm from New Jersey - gotta problem wit dat?

It's taylor ham, not pork roll or canadian bacon.
I go down to the shore not to the Beach. Jersey girls are the best girls, just stay on their good side. I can spend countless hours on the boardwalk doing absolutely nothing... and still have fun.
My second and third homes are the malls and wawa parking lots are the best ones. I may say some words with an accent, but at least I don't say "ya'll".
I judge people by what exit they are off the turnpike or the parkway. I know 65mph really means 80.

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