Prosecutors Waste Time on Teenage Sex

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Last month in Wisconsin a 17-year-old Sheboygan girl was charged with misdemeanor sexual assault for having sex with her 14-year-old boyfriend. I read the article (1) to see if she gave the young boy a roofie or had whacked him on the head with a shovel or some such, but no, it appears she had sex with the young man at least a dozen times, so no violence was involved; how is this a crime? And why are prosecutors even wasting time trying to meddle in the sexual affairs of teenagers?

This is a family matter, a personal matter, certainly not something that our legal system should get involved with unless force is used.

At first I thought that perhaps there were no other criminal activities going on in Sheboygan and the prosecutor was bored and had nothing else to do, but that was not the case (2), Sheboygan, with a population of almost 50,000 had over 2,000 crimes it could be busy prosecuting. Then I thought perhaps Sheboygan was one of those cities that had such a large surplus of moneys that it could not think of how to spend it and so wasted it on prosecuting teenage sex, but then I read commentary from their local blogs that times are tough in that town (3).

The simple truth is that prosecutors in this country are running wild. We have seen examples of it with the Duke Lacrosse Case and the case of a young boy of 16 whose life was ruined because he had sex with a 13 year old girl who lied to him about her age.

Based on my experience with over 1,000 legal cases (I have even filed a brief with the US Supreme Court; unfortunately certiorari denied) the majority of prosecutors in this country lie, cheat, falsify evidence, suborn perjury, threaten witnesses, hide exculpatory evidence, and in general place the advancement of their careers above the search for justice. That's just the way it is. Judges know this, prosecutors know this, defense lawyers knows this, and most criminal defendants know this. Sadly most Americans are oblivious to this.



Sheboygan Press, Sheboygan girl, 17, charged for allegedly having sex with boy, 14

Norma J. Guthrie, of 1034-A Michigan Ave., was in court a day after a 17-year-old Sheboygan boy was charged with a felony for allegedly having sex with a 14-year-old girlfriend.

Guthrie admitted having sex with the boy between 10 and 15 times, according to a complaint charging her with fourth-degree sexual assault. She faces a maximum of nine months in jail, if convicted.

Police began investigating when the boy's mother reported he might be staying overnight at Guthrie's house, the complaint said. Guthrie told police the boy had claimed to be 16.


Cityrating Crime Statistics, Sheboygan Crime Report

Forcible Rape34
Aggravated Assault28
Larceny or Theft1,982
Car Theft92


Sheboygan Shenanigans, Bad year for Mayors

See how they pilfer our tax dollars? Will this help people understand why some (yes, like yours truly) gripe about excessive and unexplained spending of our tax dollars? One cannot help but wonder about these things right here in Sheboygan. And one also can’t help but wonder why more don’t take an interest in where those hard-earned and now, not-so-easy-to-come buy tax dollars are going - precisely and to the penny. Do you want those property tax dollars you just paid going to shenanigans like this? I sure don’t. Had to save hard to pay those…

If we held those in charge completely accountable AND to a high standard of integrity and honesty, we could have a heck of a nice community again and we could beef up our police force tenfold w/o feeling any pinch to help fight off the crime. DPW could get their new salt shed. And I know our Detective division could use more help. They’re maxed out.

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