America and Imperialism

In my article America and Islam are mutually exclusive I wrote,"Americans fight wars to liberate. Muslims fight wars to enslave." A reader from Mumbai, India disagreed with me, leaving this comment:

"Americans fight wars to liberate. " A laughable idea for anyone who realizes that the very foundation of the americas is conquest of foreign land for white/christian domination over native dwellers. oh plus vietnam,korea,lat-am,iraq ,afghanistan. i am sure the US army is lurrrved all over the world.


Ironically, reader DSYLEXIC is from a city in India that has been the target of numerous Hindu-Muslim riots and Islamist attacks; some of my readers may recall the 11 July 2006 Mumbai train bombings and the 2008 Mumbai attacks, so it is interesting that DSYLEXIC says nothing about "Muslims fight wars to enslave." Perhaps he even agrees with me on that point.

However, he is confused about America when he writes "that the very foundation of the americas is conquest of foreign land for white/christian domination over native dwellers." The British, Spanish, and French came to the Americas in conquest and yes, for white/christian domination over natives. But America was founded on different principles, so that when we fought wars, contrary to his argument, we didn't impose white/Christian beliefs on the vanquished.

Japan in 1940 was 85% to 95% Shinto or Buddhist. After decades of American occupation, the numbers haven't changed. 64 years after surrendering to us, there is no white/christian dominion over Japan. The culture has remained Japanese, they still write in the same script, and the only real difference is that a thousand years of belligerent dreams of world conquest have been redirected toward productive and peaceful ventures.

Our wars are so just, so moral, so righteous that even though we declared war against Japan, Japanese-Americans proudly volunteered to join the US military. The Military Intelligence Service consisted of Japanese-Americans who served in the Pacific Front against their own race!

Germany after nearly 7 decades of occupation, still speaks German, the culture has remained German, and the only real difference is that a thousand years of belligerent dreams of world conquest have been redirected toward productive and peaceful ventures.

Our wars are so just, so moral, so righteous that even though we declared war against Germany, German-Americans proudly volunteered to join the US military. German-Americans served as translators and as spies for US Military Intelligence. It should be mentioned that German-Americans were in top military posts: General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Admiral Chester Nimitz, General Carl Spaatz and many others.

Do Germans lurrvv the US army? Well, certainly German Mayors do (1).

And what of Korea? After 1945 the Soviet Union accepted the surrender of Japanese weaponry north of the 38th parallel and the United States took the surrender south of it. What was the result? The North, without American imperialist occupation, became a failed state. The South, with American troops occupying it, became an economic powerhouse and the envy of the developing world. After decades of American "imperialist" occupation, they still write in the same script as in 1953, and contrary to his sarcasm, the US army is indeed "lurrrved" in South Korea. Although you will always see idiot South Korean students demonstrating against US troops, you will never see older Koreans doing so. In 2012, the US was scheduled to transfer operational control of the Korean armed forces back to the South Koreans; however this year, there were over 8.5 million signatures gathered to postpone that transfer. The South Koreans want the US to continue to control their army (2)! Yankees go home? Not hardly.

What about Afghanistan? We certainly didn't come to Afghanistan to wield white/christian dominion over the native dwellers. If the Taliban had simply handed over Osama Bin Laden and stopped giving refuge to al Qaeda there would not be one American soldier there. Without 9/11, Americans would have ignored Afghanistan for ten thousand millennium.

Iraq? Saddam Hussein refused to allow inspectors into his country breaking the surrender agreement of March 1991. Contrary to leftists' misimpression that we invaded Iraq because we thought Saddam had WMDS, actually we invaded Iraq because Saddam refused to allow inspectors in to verify whether or not he had WMDs.

Even if we remain in Afghanistan or Iraq for a hundred years, both countries will continue to write in the same script and practice the same religion. There will never be a white/christian dominion over Afghans or Iraqis. Know why? Because Americans fight wars to liberate.

In all instances of American wars, the peoples involved keep their language, their script, their religion, their culture. There are no American colonies in Korea, Japan, Germany, Iraq, etc.

When Muslims come into a country it isn't long before that country adopts the Arabic script for their orthography. If the country has several languages then those languages will also be written in Arabic script, for example: Farsi (Persia), Dari (Afghanistan), Urdu (Pakistan + 5 Indian states), Pashto (parts of Afghanistan, Pakistan), Baluchi (parts of Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan), Kurdish (parts of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey), Lahnda (Pakistan), Kashmiri (Jammu and Kashmir), Sindhi (Sindh province Pakistan), Uyghur (Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region), Berber (Morocco), Moplah (Malabar Coast India), and many more langauges.

When Muslims come into a country it isn't long before that country's major religion becomes Islam, for example, Egypt (90%), Iran (98%), Malaysia (60.4%), Indonesia (86.1%), Turkey (99.8%), Morocco (99%), and most of the continent of Africa (>50%).

When Muslims come into a country it isn't long before that country is speaking Arabic, for example: Egypt, Iraq, Syria, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, Jordan, Lebanon, Algeria, Bahrain, Chad, Comoros, Djibouti, Eritrea, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Somalia, Sudan, Tunisia, Western Sahara, Yemen.

Until they got kicked out of Spain in 1492 there was Andalusi Arabic and in Italy there was Siculo Arabic.

Before America occupied Japan, Japanese women had very few rights. The Japanese culture held women in lower regard than any other except for Islam. Women could easily be divorced but could not themselves get a divorce, much like in Islam today. In 1946 Japanese women got the right to vote, all inequalities in laws were ended, high schools became coed, 26 women's universities were opened, etc. Know why? Because Americans fight wars to liberate.

When the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan women became less than goats, only worthy of being mounted for sex and beaten for expressing themselves in any manner. Shariah law, perhaps the most barbaric set of rules in the world, was imposed on everyone. Know why? Because Muslims fight wars to enslave.

Where am I wrong?

This article available in Danish here.



The Local, German mayors push to keep US military bases

The mayors of Mannheim and Heidelberg who visited Washington this week to rally support to retain US army bases in the southwestern German region say there’s a chance they might succeed.


The two mayors met US defence officials as well as Democratic and Republican politicians to discuss plans by the American army to close bases in the southwestern German region and relocate troops 80 kilometres north to Wiesbaden in Hesse.

The move, which is set to affect an estimated 30,000 US soldiers and their families, is part of an overall US strategy to realign forces abroad, and particularly in Europe, in response to new security threats.

Kurz and his Heidelberg counterpart Eckart Würzner fear the closure of the bases will deal a blow to the Rhine-Neckar region’s economy. Würzner said he estimated the region will lose an estimated €35 to €45 million through the move.


The Korea Times, 27 May 2009, Calls Grow to Reschedule Command Transfer

South Korea voluntarily handed over both peacetime and wartime operational controls to the U.S.-led United Nations Command at the outbreak of the 1950-53 Korean War. The command authority was later transferred to the ROK-U.S. Combined Forces Command (CFC).

Seoul retrieved peacetime control in 1994, while the four-star U.S. commander of the CFC still has the authority to command both South Korean and America forces in the case of an emergency.

After several years of negotiations, Seoul and Washington agreed in 2007 that South Korea would execute independent operational control of its armed forces during wartime beginning April 17, 2012. The CFC is to be deactivated by 2012 with the U.S. military shifting to a naval- and air-centric supporting role.

Associations of former military generals and war veterans have been pushing for a petition seeking to postpone the OPCON takeover. The groups said they has received about 8.5 million signatures and plan to hold a press conference against an early OPCON transfer on June 4.

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