International Women`s Day in Afghanistan

Afghan women mark International Women's Day
Photo Credit: The First

If I asked a normal person to supply a humorous caption for the above photo I have no doubt that I'd get as a first response, "How about Afghan women celebrating International Women's Day (8 Mar 2009)?"

But that's exactly what this event is all about, no joke. A non-Muslim will immediately see the irony of Afghan women gathering to celebrate the achievements women have made in the last few hundred years and this image of so many 'independent-minded' Muslim women. No doubt this inspiring assembly will help encourage other Muslim women to get the same rights and good treatment that this group obviously enjoys.

The truth is, Islam makes you blind. No matter how many times Muslim women look at these photos, they don't see it. See my article Muslim Women Slaves in Denial.

Imagine showing any black man the following photo:


and telling him that the photo represents the kind-hearted effort of a white man who is helping the black fellow get some flies off his back.

But Muslim women will tell you that the photo of the Burqa Squad above represents women choosing to wear such outrageous outfits. I often get emails and comments from Muslim women telling me that Muslim women do indeed love to wear those tents. The temperature in Kabul today was 102 degrees F. I defy anyone to tell me that a normal, unbeaten, free person would choose to go around covered in a blanket on a 102 degree day.

Sell that story to a liberal. I ain't buying it.

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