How to Pay for Universal Health Care

Many of my fellow citizens have expressed concern over how we are going to pay for universal health care.

If we follow the example of Medicare from 1970 to 2005, our economy grew by a factor of 12, from $1.012 trillion to $12.266 trillion but Medicare spending soared by a factor of 47, from $7.1 billion to $336.9 billion [Barron's].

So if we are told that Universal Health Care will cost about 600 billion dollars over the next decade, we can be sure that it will end up costing trillions.

But I say, don't worry. If Obama continues with his socialist policies which mimics those of another moron who doesn't know what he's doing, namely, Executive President Robert Gabriel Mugabe of Zimbabwe, then there will be no problem paying trillions of dollars for Universal Health Care: we will simply issue a few banknotes to cover the costs:

Reserve bank of Zimbabwe, 100 Trillion dollars
Reserve bank of Zimbabwe, 100 Trillion dollars
Photo Credit: Mynt & Seddel

And yes, these are genuine legal tender banknotes. You might as well get used to looking at 100 trillion dollar bills, we will have the same shortly ourselves. There is a reason that gold went over $1170 an ounce today: the fear that the health care bill may actually pass.

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