Russia Says US Troops Occupy Haiti

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How embarrassing. Russia, a one-time super-power is so nearly bankrupt that it can offer but scant humanitarian relief to Haiti. The Russians could be honest and just admit that they cannot afford to help in Haiti. But that is not what they decided to do. Instead, they blame America.

Here is the headline from Pravda: "US Troops Occupy Haiti, Cancel Humanitarian Aid from Russia." (1) The Russians say they have an Il-76 cargo plane in Venezuela filled with medicines, food, essential goods, and five tons of water but that US authorities won't issue permission for the plane to land at the international airport of Haiti’s Port-au-Prince.

The Russians are not the only ones claiming the US is invading Haiti: the two morons ruining running Venezuela and Bolivia, Chavez and Morales, also claim that the US has taken over Haiti (2).

I know you are thinking that no sane person reading these "news" stories would actually believe these allegations, however I want to remind my readers that America is filled with millions of Liberals who have no problems believing that Chavez is not a dictator. I bet that if we looked real hard, we could even find an American celebrity so stupid and clueless that he can easily be used as an anti-America propaganda tool.



Pravda, US Troops Occupy Haiti, Cancel Humanitarian Aid from Russia

All foreign journalists staying at the international airport of Haiti’s Port-au-Prince will have to leave the territory of the airdrome in connection with a requirement from the defense authorities of the United States which control the airport, Itar-Tass reports. US officials did not explain the reason for the order, but said that all journalists living in the camp on the territory of the airport would have to leave before 8 a.m. January 21.

In the meantime, Russian rescue teams faced serious problems with the delivery of humanitarian cargoes from Russia to Haiti. An Il-76 cargo plane has not been able to fly from Venezuela to Haiti for more than 24 hours already because US authorities had not issued the permission for the flight.

US flight control officers claimed that the flight of the Russian aircraft had been repeatedly delayed because the international airport of port-au-Prince was very busy. However, the US military do not have any problems with receiving the same permissions for their own needs, Russian diplomat Tokmakov said.


National Post, Chavez escalates claims that U.S. using relief effort to invade Haiti

The presidents of Venezuela and Bolivia ramped up their anti-U.S. invective on Wednesday, claiming Washington was using a relief operation in Haiti to mask a military takeover of the impoverished country.

"The empire," said Mr. Chavez using his favorite epithet for the United States, "is taking Haiti over the bodies and tears of its people."

"They started with the airport," he said, referring to Port-au-Prince's single runway airfield, which U.S. forces have operated since last week, assisting hundreds of aid planes in landing.

"If you want to go inside the destroyed presidential palace, you'll find US Marines standing in your way," Chavez added.


"They brazenly occupied Haiti without consulting the UN or the OAS (Organization of American States)," said Mr. Chavez, who on Sunday made similar accusations about the U.S. relief effort in Haiti.

Meanwhile, Bolivian President Evo Morales, one of Mr. Chavez's closest allies in the region, said Wednesday he would request an emergency UN meeting "to repudiate and reject this military occupation of the United States in Haiti."

"It's not right the United States should use this natural disaster to invade and militarily occupy Haiti," he told a press conference.

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