Islam to Blame for Barbarism Not Culture

being a muslim is no excuse for acting like a muslim

Whenever I catalog some atrocity by a follower of Islam, some Muslim apologist will offer the following excuse: "Islam does not promote or condone _____ - it is the culture these people come from."

In the blank you may fill in any of the following:

  • Beheading of Christian schoolgirls (1)

  • The murder of Jews (2)

  • Wife-beating (3)

  • Honor-killing (4)

  • Temporary marriage as a sham for pre-marital sex (5)

  • Rape of infidel women (6)

  • Goat Sex (7)

  • Female Genital Mutilation (8)

  • Marriage to pre-pubescent girls (9)

  • White slavery (10)

  • Forced conversions (11)

  • Oppression of women (12)

  • Murdering homosexuals (13)

  • antisemitism (14)

In the last instance, antisemitism, this is not just in Muslim-majority nations, but in Europe as well. However much in the last two decades the Muslim population increased in a given European country, one finds similar increases in anti-Semitic acts in that country.

Here are the countries with the greatest rise in antisemitism and their percentage Muslim population: Belgium (3%), France (6%), Germany (5%), the Netherlands (5.7%) and Britain (2.7%).

Here are the countries that show little sign of any rise in attacks: Ireland (0.5%) and Portugal (0.1%).

If Muslims didn't hate Jews, the above would simply be mere coincidence.

Reader Eli in a response to my article Jewish Honor Killings wrote the following to excuse the savage and barbaric attacks by Muslims: "This area has not only the common religion, but also common social, economic, and political characteristics."

Oh really? This is the problem with Muslim apologists, they trot out the same old trites as if from a manual of Muslim Excuses without bothering to carefully read the posts they criticize.

In that article I listed 351 Muslim terror attacks during a 60-day period from 15 Jun 2008 through 13 Aug 2008. So let's analyze Eli's excuse that these all exhibit common social, economic, and political characteristics.

Here are the countries in which the savage attacks occurred [Source - CIA World Factbook]:

AfghanistanMuslimPashtun$80024%Islamic rep
BangladeshMuslimBengali$160027%parliamentary democracy
ChinaMuslimChinese/Uighers$650043%Communist State
EthiopiaMuslimOromo/Amara$90017%federal republic
IndiaMuslimIndo-Aryan$310029%federal republic
IranMuslimPersian$1290068%theocratic republic
IraqMuslimArab/Kurds$330067%parliamentary democracy
IsraelMuslimJews/Arabs$2840092%parliamentary democracy
JordanMuslimArab$530078%constitutional monarchy
NigeriaMuslimHausa/Fulani$240048%federal republic
PakistanMuslimPunjabi$260036%federal republic
GazaMuslimArab$310072%Terrorist Republic
Saudi ArabiaMuslimArab$2030082%monarchy
SomaliaMuslimSomali/Bantu$60037%no permanent government
SudanMuslimBlack$230043%power-sharing government
ThailandMuslimThai$810033%constitutional monarchy
TurkeyMuslimTurkish/Kurdish$1120069%republican parliamentary democracy
USAMuslimWhite/Black$4640082%Constitution-based federal republic

Of the 27 ethnic possibilities only four have the exact same predominant ethnic group: Arab. Otherwise we have a rainbow of ethnicities. Nothing there to indicate a common ethnic or cultural characteristic.

Let us examine the PPP (GDP per person in US Dollars) for each area: they range from $600.00 to $46,400.00 and the rest are all over the place with barely 2 having the same PPP. Nothing there to indicate a common economic characteristic.

Let's look at the urbanization of the areas: from 17% to 92% with barely three of the areas having the same percent: 43%. Nothing common there.

So let's look at the political structures in which these attacks took place: a Communist State, Constitution-based federal republic, Islamic republic, Terrorist Republic, constitutional monarchy, federal republic, monarchy, no permanent government, parliamentary democracy, power-sharing government, republic, republican parliamentary democracy, theocratic republic. See any common political characteristic? Neither do I.

I will admit that 6 of the areas begin with the letter 'I' - which is probably the most common characteristic other than one, really, really common characteristic. Can you spot it? If you guessed that the attackers were Muslim, you are right.

So when you read the common excuse that one would be hard pressed to determine what motivations are causing the sort of extremism behind these attacks, you might mention that once we eliminate the culture, the ethnic group, the political system, the geographic area, the only single over-riding common and only denominator is Islam.



Jihad Watch, Three Christian girls beheaded in Indonesia

Three girls have been beheaded and another badly injured as they walked to a Christian school in Indonesia.

They were walking through a cocoa plantation near the city of Poso in central Sulawesi province when they were attacked.

This is an area that has a long history of religious violence between Muslims and Christians....

Police say the heads were found some distance from the bodies.


Philosemitism, 13 Feb 2009, The murder of Ilan Halimi in Paris three years ago

antisemitism IN EUROPE - The Murder of Ilan Halimi, A Jewish man is kidnapped in Paris, tortured for 24 days and then dies, by Nidra Poller (Feb. 26, 2006), WSJ


The murder of Ilan Halimi invites comparison with the November 2003 killing of a Jewish disc jockey, Sébastien Selam. His Muslim neighbor, Adel, slit his throat, nearly decapitating him, and gouged out his eyes with a carving fork in his building's underground parking garage. Adel came upstairs with bloodied hands and told his mother, "I killed my Jew, I will go to paradise." In the two years before his murder, the Selam family was repeatedly harassed for being Jewish. The Selam case has not been opened by the magistrate. The murderer, who admits his guilt, was placed in a psychiatric hospital, and may be released soon.


Telegraph, Muslim leader's wife-beating tips provoke outrage

A MUSLIM leader's book which includes tips on wife-beating has outraged Spanish politicians and women's rights leaders who are demanding that it be withdrawn from sale.

The Imam Mohamed Kamal Mostafa, a Koranic scholar who leads services at the mosque in Fuengirola, near Malaga on Spain's south coast, describes how to hit without leaving marks in his recent book Women in Islam, published in Barcelona and sold throughout Spain. The 120-page paperback, written in Arabic and translated into Spanish, is directed especially at Muslims living outside their country of origin.

See also, my article Beheadings, Honor Killings Over Muslim Divorce.


Honor Killings, UK: Girl missing for ten years was victim of honor killing

After she lost her virginity she was viewed as a "valueless commodity." I have many times spoken about how Islam relegates women to the status of commodities, and here is proof. And of course the usual chorus of Islamic apologists will appear to assure us that honor killing has nothing to do with Islam and is a cultural practice followed by a wide variety of peoples -- and yet Muslim girls keep getting killed in disproportionate numbers.

No one, of course, dares to confront the root of the problem by pointing out such inconvenient truths as the fact that a manual of Islamic law certified by Al-Azhar as a reliable guide to Sunni orthodoxy says that "retaliation is obligatory against anyone who kills a human being purely intentionally and without right." However, "not subject to retaliation" is "a father or mother (or their fathers or mothers) for killing their offspring, or offspring's offspring." ('Umdat al-Salik o1.1-2).

See also, my collection of articles honor-killing.


Right Truth, More Dangerous Than Al-Qaeda: Liberals and Sharia

Here in the US we have honor killings, yes, but we also have "pleasure marriages". HAHmed reports, "I had no idea how prevalent mut'a marriages were, especially here in New York."

Temporary “pleasure marriages” offer unwed Muslims a way around the Islamic rule against premarital sex. Betwa Sharma talks to one young American Shiite who’s on his 25th “I do.”

“Marriage is halal, dating is haram,” says Ali Selman. In other words, marriage is permissible, but dating is forbidden. These are the rules for the strapping, green-eyed Lebanese Shiite from Brooklyn.

Luckily for young Muslims like Selman, who are deeply religious yet subject to the same hormonal forces as any other twentysomething, the Qur'an provides what you might call a caveat clause. Its rule against sex outside of marriage is clear, but many Shiite Muslims believe that a section called “Al Nissa” contains a single word (istimta) that seems to allow Muslims to engage in Mut’ah marriages, or “pleasure marriages”—essentially, temporary marriages for the purpose of having sex.


FrontPageMag, The Rape Jihad

What does rape, then, have to do with these religious conflicts? Unfortunately, everything. The Islamic legal manual ‘Umdat al-Salik, which carries the endorsement of Al-Azhar University, the most respected authority in Sunni Islam, stipulates: “When a child or a woman is taken captive, they become slaves by the fact of capture, and the woman’s previous marriage is immediately annulled.” Why? So that they are free to become the concubines of their captors. The Qur’an permits Muslim men to have intercourse with their wives and their slave girls: “Forbidden to you are... married women, except those whom you own as slaves” (Sura 4:23-24).

After one successful battle, Muhammad tells his men, “Go and take any slave girl.” He took one for himself also. After the notorious massacre of the Jewish Qurayzah tribe, he did it again. According to his earliest biographer, Ibn Ishaq, Muhammad “went out to the market of Medina (which is still its market today) and dug trenches in it. Then he sent for [the men of Banu Qurayza] and struck off their heads in those trenches as they were brought out to him in batches.” After killing “600 or 700 in all, though some put the figure as high as 800 or 900,” the Prophet of Islam took one of the widows he had just made, Rayhana bint Amr, as another concubine.

See also my article Muslim rapes of non-Muslim girls an epidemic.


Wiki, Sudanese goat marriage incident

In 2006, in the Sudanese goat marriage incident, a man was forced to "marry" a goat with which he was caught having sex in the Hai Malakal suburb of Juba, Sudan. The owner of the goat subdued the perpetrator and asked village elders to consider the matter. One elder noted that he and the other elders found the perpetrator, tied up by the owner, at the door of the goat shed. The goat's owner reported that, "They said I should not take him to the police, but rather let him pay a dowry for my goat because he used it as his wife." The perpetrator was thus ordered to "marry" the goat, pay the cost of the goat and pay a dowry of $75 (the GDP per capita was US$1,522 for 2008), with half of the dowry up front. The goat apparently acquired the name "Rose" during the elders' deliberations as part of a joke.

See also my articles How to get a Muslim`s goat - sex with animals and Muslim Goat Wife Passed Away.


Middle East Forum, Is Female Genital Mutilation an Islamic Problem?

Among social activists and feminists, combating female genital mutilation (FGM) is an important policy goal. Sometimes called female circumcision or female genital cutting, FGM is the cutting of the clitoris of girls in order to curb their sexual desire and preserve their sexual honor before marriage. The practice, prevalent in some majority Muslim countries, has a tremendous cost: many girls bleed to death or die of infection. Most are traumatized. Those who survive can suffer adverse health effects during marriage and pregnancy. New information from Iraqi Kurdistan raises the possibility that the problem is more prevalent in the Middle East than previously believed and that FGM is far more tied to religion than many Western academics and activists admit.

See also my article Female Genital Mutilation As a Cultural Tradition.


Alarabiya News, 2 Feb 2010, Saudi 12-year old bride drops divorce case

12 year old muslim brideA 12-year-old Saudi girl unexpectedly gave up her petition for divorce from an 80-year-old man her father forced her to marry in exchange for a dowry, Saudi media reported Tuesday.

Despite support from human rights lawyers and child welfare advocates, the girl and her mother, who originally sought the divorce, withdrew the case Monday in a court in Buraidah, in Al-Qasim province, newspapers said.

See also my article By babies will they vanquish the West.


Creeping Sharia, Ramadan is the month of JIHAD (video)

Sheikh Saleh Al-Fawzan, a member of the senior council of Wahhabi clerics responsible for writing Saudi school text books, states: “Slavery is part of Islam. Slavery is part of jihad and jihad will remain as long as there is Islam. It has not been abolished.”

See also my article Islam and Slavery.


This Is London, Police protect girls forced to convert to Islam

Police are working with universities to clamp down on "aggressive conversions" during which girls are beaten up and forced to abandon university courses.

The Hindu Forum of Britain claims hundreds of mostly Sikh and Hindu girls have been intimidated by Muslim men who take them out on dates before terrorising them until they convert.

See also my article Muslims Do Not Share our Values.


Islam for Today, Women, Shari'a, and Oppression - Where are the Voices of Conservative Muslims?

On the other side, we have the organizers of the mainstream conservative Muslims, the leaders of our civic societies, advocacy groups, and associations. When presented with instances of women's oppression in the Islamic world, these Muslims, almost always men, respond defensively. They cart out examples of women's oppression in the Western world, or worse, they address the issue by lecturing the questioner about the virtues of the Ideal Place of Women in Ideal Islam. In other words, they treat the ideal that we are all aspire to as the reality on the ground. Pressed into taking a stand on real life issues, they retreat in anger. "That's culture, not Islam, it has nothing to do with me as a Muslim," they sniff.

Meanwhile, real Muslim women suffer at the hands of societies and governments who would harm them in the name of Islam.

See also my article Muslim Women Slaves in Denial.


Sweetness & Light, 17 Aug 2009, Iraqis Torturing, Killing Homosexuals

BAGHDAD – Militiamen are torturing and killing gay Iraqi men with impunity in a systematic campaign that has spread from Baghdad to several other cities, a prominent human rights group said in a report.

Human Rights Watch called on the Iraqi government to act urgently to stop the abuses, warning that so-called social cleansing poses a new threat to security even as other violence recedes.

The bodies of several gay men were found in Baghdad’s main Shiite district of Sadr City earlier this year with the Arabic words for "pervert" and "puppy" — considered derogatory terms for homosexuals in Iraq — written on their chests.

See also my article There are No Homosexuals in Iran.


BBC, antisemitism 'on rise in Europe'

Attacks against Jews in Europe have sharply increased, says a report by a European anti-racism watchdog.

The study singles out Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Britain, where it says the rise in antisemitism has been of particular concern.

Other countries, including Ireland and Portugal, showed little sign of any rise in attacks, the report says.

It identifies "young, disaffected white Europeans" as the key culprits followed by North African or Asian Muslims.

See also my article The Uprooted - A Hitler Legacy.

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