NYPD Stop-and-frisk Numbers Soar

SOHO rapist

As usual, whenever the proper number of blacks and Hispanics are stopped-and-frisked some Liberal group crawls out from under a rock and complains that minorities are being unfairly targeted. NY Police released data last week showing that a record 575,304 people - 87% of them black or Latino - were stopped and questioned by city officers in 2009 resulting in more than 35,000 arrests, almost 36,000 summonses, and 7,612 weapons confiscated (1). About 57% of those stopped were frisked.

What's missing from this report is the percentage of blacks and Hispanics arrested. If they are in the correct proportion, that is to say, if indeed 87% of those who were arrested are black and Hispanic, then I don't see why anyone should be complaining. If anything, the fact that there are tens of thousands of fewer criminals on the street makes me wonder why we don't do more stop-and-frisks. If you are handy with a calculator about 10 in 50 of those frisked were either arrested or fined. Tell the truth now; if the police pulled over 50 whites they'd be lucky if they found one or two worthy of arrest or fine.

That this program is successful is not being disputed. Crime has been going down as the number of searches have increased.

I'll tell you who is being unfairly targeted: the victims of black and Hispanic criminals. As long as minorities continue to commit the majority of crimes in a proportion obscene to their actual population, then they deserve even more stop-and-frisks until the numbers change. When white people start committing the majority of crimes, I will be the first one to demand that the police start profiling whites.

As I wrote in my article Black Profiling is a necessary and good thing:

If we follow every other statistic, rapes, burglaries, whatever, we can conclude that pulling over more blacks will result in catching more criminals. In fact, as crazy as this sounds, law enforcement would do better and blacks themselves would be safer if ONLY blacks were pulled over for investigation. Despite the seemingly racist result, this is arithmetic 101. Justice should be color-blind, but crime is not. So if Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson and the other media whores have a problem it should not be against cops but rather against calculators.

I should mention that other large cities have also experiences an upsurge in stop-and-frisk programs. But many cities have come under fire for these tactics in which police officers are trained to look for behavior that suggests someone might be carrying an illegal firearm. You know what the main criticism is? Behavior that might suggest one is packing could unfairly target African-Americans. The complaint is not that there will be too many blacks unfairly stopped, but that too many will end up being arrested. Bad argument. The way to win this one, Al Sharpton, is to show that police will arrest more people and confiscate more weapons if more white people are stopped instead of blacks. You have those statistics, right Al?

By the way, do you see the sketch at the top of this article? It's the SOHO rapist. How many white people should the cops stop for every black person just to make sure we keep politically correct? Anyone looking at mug shots for rapes, robberies, murders and assaults in the daily papers will note that the majority seem to be people of a particular persuasion. Would it be fair or even proper for police to use up their resources stopping more white people just so the reports would show equal treatment, just to be fair? Does that make any sense, you morons?

Nota bene: My son was stopped-and-frisked more than 11 years ago in Harlem [Link].

This article available in Danish here.



New York Daily News, Group wants Cuomo to investigate NYPD for racial profiling after stop-and-frisk numbers soar

A black police group called on state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo Sunday to investigate racial profiling in the NYPD.

"We believe the numbers justify his intervention," said Noel Leader, a founder of 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care, at a news conference in front of One Police Plaza in Manhattan.


Deputy Police Commissioner Paul Browne defended the policy, which he said helped police recover 7,612 weapons in 2009.

"Stops are a life-saving practice in neighborhoods experiencing the most crime, and responsible, in part, for the record low in murders recorded last year," he said.

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