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In the book IQ and the Wealth of Nations by Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen we come across the following statistics regarding the IQ of Muslims in the following countries:


The Netherlands actually had two studies: Moroccan immigrants averaged 84/85. Turks in the Netherlands scored 88/85.

The Muslims in Turkey, Egypt and Iran are Turkish, Arab and Persian, respectively, so despite different ethnicities and cultures they all score dismally poor. Their common denominator? Their religion.

I know you may object, Ahmed, that these are all Muslims from backward countries and that's why their scores are so abysmally low. However, Muslims brought up in modern, civilized countries don't do any better as the Netherlands' scores show, most likely because Muslims in Europe tend to stay true to their Muslim upbringing which encourages reading the worthless Qur'an and disparages reading anything else. Old Muslim saying about books: "If it's in the Qur'an, it's redundant; if it's not in the Qur'an, it's not necessary."

The Infidel Blogger's Alliance blog notes that the stupidest people on Earth come from Islamic countries, just check out the map.

Some of my readers may mistakenly think this is just Muslim-bashing; after all, who cares if Muslims have low IQ? How does that hurt anyone? The truth is: Muslim violence against infidels and even against other Muslims is precisely due to two things: Muslim's low IQ and their religion. Christians, Buddhists, and followers of the Dalai Lama who might have low IQs do not go out and behead, torture, hang, or burn those with whom they disagree. Perhaps in the ancient past, but in modern times these religions have taken to the peaceful way of life. Not so with Islam.

Certainly one can find a handful of Christian extremists every few years who actually kill or harm someone, but these are rare compared to the hundreds of Muslim atrocities registered every single month at the Religion of Peace.

The Qur'an in the hands of idiots, morons and imbeciles is just like explosives in the hands of deranged monkeys. Because of its violence, intolerance, savagery and brutality, the Qur'an should not be read by those with limited intelligence. As Steve Sailer points out, much of France's problems with Muslim rioters is because they are so stupid:

Vdare Blog, France In Flames: Immigration, Not “Discrimination”, Is The Problem

The brutal fact is that the economic failings of France's Muslim and African immigrants stem in large measure from their low average IQ.

I personally do not believe that any one race of people has a natural advantage intellectually against any other race. I have frequently pointed out that Jews, despite their paucity in population numbers, have won hundreds of times more Nobel Prizes than Muslims [see article]; but not because Jews are smarter simply because of race, but because of upbringing.

If Jews were smarter simply because of race, then where are all the Jews who were subsumed under Islam during centuries of forced conversions? How come there aren't hundreds of Muslim prize winners today who have Jewish blood? No, it isn't race that makes Jews smart and it isn't race that makes Arabs stupid. Once Jewish converts became immersed in Islam their love of learning died.

A thousand years ago there was a great surge in Arabic science, medicine, and mathematics. But a thousand years ago there were also hundreds of thousands of Arabs of the Jewish faith throughout the Middle East. All the books the Arabs translated from antiquity would have stayed unknown and Europe would have remained dark if not for the Jews. The non-Jewish Arabs did not care about sharing what they learned from the Greeks and Romans. It was the Jews who translated Arabic texts into European languages and helped end the dark ages.

Eventually Islam strangled Arab inquisitiveness and so Arabs have been in their dark ages for the past few hundred years. If Jews had the Qur'an, they too would be backward, humorless, ignorant savages.

Fortunately for the world, Jews can make fun of their God, insult Him, laugh at themselves, dance, sing, and drink wine. Fiddler on the Roof could never happen with Muslims instead of Jews. For Muslims, it would be blasphemous to ask Allah, "Would it spoil some vast eternal plan if I were a Wealthy Man?" Muslims must wait for Paradise to dance, sing, and drink wine.

If Muslim Arabs would only abandon Islam or take up Jewish habits, they too could be a light unto the nations.

Photo credit of candle-snuffer: Parchment Westlake. In Islam, the Qur'an is used for extinguishing light.

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