The Only Proper Way to Wear a Niqab

A niqab (meaning mask in Arabic) is a veil covering the face and worn by some Muslim women as part of their hijab. The niqab is most common in the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf and in Pakistan.

Muslim girls from certain sects of Islam are advised to begin wearing the niqab as soon as pubic hairs begin to show. Now I think this is rather silly since the niqab does not hide pubic hairs. It would make more sense to require the niqab as soon as Muslim women begin to sport facial hairs.

Reader Hank Hyena (and blogger at Hedonist Futurist [now defunct blog]) sent me this photo of the only proper way to wear the niqab:

If Muslim men had this relationship with their women I would not write nasty things about burqas.

I also have my own collection of naked and nearly naked burqa gals here (WARNING NSFW).

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