Volcanoes and European Right Wing Parties

When magma has no easy intrusion into adjacent rocks or facile extrusion onto the Earth's surface, and builds up under a volcano, eventually it is forced into an explosive ejection.

Likewise for the past few decades, the law-abiding, hard-working citizens of Europe have been forced to live under the pressure of immigrants who refuse to accept the culture of the host society, refuse to learn the local language, demand the rest of the country accommodate their primitive and savage customs, and who suck on the general welfare teat with many wives and large families.

These citizens have had no outlet to express their dismay and disapproval over the disestablishment of their way of life. The political parties of the left have made it illegal in many European countries to say or write anything against Muslims. So it should come as no surprise that new political parties have "erupted" to give voice to the concerns of non-leftists and non-Muslims.

The majority of these non-leftists and non-Muslims are right-wing white Christians and so these new parties have been mistakenly labeled neo-fascist when in fact their raison d'être is the anti-Islamization of their home country. Remove Muslims and these parties would poof into the air.

The truth is, these people have no other place to turn. If I were living in the UK or France or Belgium, I myself would have to join the British National Party or the Front National or Vlaams Belang. Who else stands up against the Islamization of Europe?

People have had enough.

stop the minarets in SwitzerlandSwitzerland's "stop minaret" (1) movement was initiated by the ultra-conservative Swiss People's Party, (SVP) which is now Switzerland's largest political party.

Here are highlights from the party's platform (from Wiki):

  • the preservation of Switzerland's political sovereignty and a conservative society

  • embodies the principle of self-responsibility of the individual citizens, and is skeptical toward any expansion of governmental powers

  • rejects accession of Switzerland to the European Union

  • opposes immigration directly into the social welfare system and criticizes the high proportion of foreigners in the rising number of public insurance benefit recipients and other social welfare programs

  • bans the construction of minarets

  • international law should always be subordinate to Swiss law

  • the racism penalty and anti-racism commission should be abolished in the interest of freedom of speech

  • supports supply-side economics. Therefore, it is a proponent of lower taxes and the elimination of the budget deficit.

Here's my take on the matter. If Saudi Arabia ever allows Christian Churches or Jewish Temples to be built on Arabian sands, then I will be the first to ask the Swiss to overturn the ban on the construction of minarets; otherwise, it's only fair.

stop Islam in FranceMeanwhile Front National (FN), the French far-right party, today revealed its latest election poster – reminiscent of the Swiss one - a map of France decked in Algerian national colors, and similarly covered with minarets and featuring a woman wearing a “niqab” face veil.

France 24, Far-Right election poster ‘insults’ Algeria

“No to Islamism,” the poster screams in big black letters. The image is central to the FN’s campaign in the PACA (Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur) region, where the party’s leader, octogenarian firebrand Jean-Marie Le Pen, heads the party list in forthcoming regional elections due to begin March 14. The posters, already widely diffused on the Internet, are due to be distributed across France.

Vlaams Belang (Dutch for "Flemish Interest"), is a political party in Belgium that advocates the independence of Flanders and asks that immigrants adopt Flemish culture and language. Although Vlaams Belang rejects multiculturalism, it accepts a multi-ethnic society as long as people of non-Flemish background assimilate Flemish culture. Is that any different than what we desire of immigrants coming to America? To speak English and assimilate American culture? Is that too much to ask, that the host country not be gobbled up by parasites until there is no host culture at all?

This article available in Danish here.



Impunity Watch, 30 Nov 2009, Swiss Ban on Building of Minarets Denounced as Violation of Religious Freedom

In a vote on Sunday, Swiss voters overwhelmingly voted to impose a national ban on the construction of minarets. The vote was a part of a referendum drawn up by the far right. The referendum was initiated when the Swiss People's Party (S.V.P.), joined by a small religious party, proposed the insertion of a single sentence into the Swiss Constitution, banning the construction of minarets.

The referendum passed with majority of fifty seven and a half percent of the voters in twenty two of Switzerland's twenty six cantons. Because it gained a majority of votes and passed in a majority of the cantons, the ban will now be added to the Swiss Constitution.

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