The Muslims of Denmark and American Criminals

Denmark for danes
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Al Jazeera reports that Denmark has a gang problem between bikers and so called "youths of immigrant origin," which if you are not a complete imbecile is a code phrase for "Muslim thugs." (1)

Denmark has the same problem with Muslims that the rest of Europe endures: high crime rates, high unemployment, non-integration, non-assimilation, and Muslim demands for accommodation.

Indeed, Danes are so fearful of what is happening to their country that they, like the rest of Europe, have seen new anti-immigrant parties emerging. One hears slogans such as, "Denmark for Danes," and "close the borders." Immigrants, as in the rest of Europe, are no longer welcome. Sadly, no leftist parties are willing to address the problem and so we are seeing the rise of right wing and in some instances, neo-Nazi parties.

Europe's Muslims are in fact hardly different than certain criminal groups in America. And for the same reasons: the high unemployment, the alienation from the host culture, the refusal to speak the language of the country, perceived discrimination, etc.

However, Denmark can solve their high crime problem by deporting immigrant offenders even if they are second or third generation. In America, we are stuck with those who commit the majority of our most violent crimes.

Incarceration has not helped. Prisons have turned out to be breeding grounds for criminals to learn how to be even more criminal, to join gangs, to convert to Islam (which endangers us even more), and to hate America even more. We fill our prisons as fast as we can build them. We now spend more than 50 billion dollars a year on our broken prison system. Indeed, we hold the dubious honor of having the highest documented incarceration rate in the world (754 inmates per 100,000 U.S. residents). We also have the highest total documented prison and jail population in the world. Whoop dee-doo.

The ancient world had the proper punishment for criminals: banishment (or as we call it for non-citizens, deportation). The Danes may have the right idea. I do not want to catalog the hundreds of thousands of violent criminals that continue their criminal behavior no matter how many times they are incarcerated and released. It has become a game in which they always win and society always loses.

Three time losers in violent crimes should be banished. We spend more than 30,000 a year to house violent criminals. With one-fifth that amount of money, any petty dictator would gladly allow America to set up a colony to house our criminals, not unlike Devil's Island, where inmates may be given plots of land to grow vegetables, etc.

This would save our country tens of billions of dollars a year and reduce crime substantially.

Al Jazeera's reports on the increasing violence afflicting the Danish capital in this video.



Al Jazeera, 12 Apr 2010, Denmark's gang war

"We have to come down hard on the obtuseness and brutality of the gang environment. If you are a criminal with a foreign background then there is only one way. That is out of Denmark and back to the country where you came from," says Brian Mikkelsen, Denmark's former minister of justice.

"I think these measures will have an effect on the gang members. It will make them think twice."

Community leaders and opposition parties have warned that the gang wars, and draconian government measures, will only inflame feelings of alienation and marginalisation among ethnic minority youth.

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