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I celebrate my 5 millionth page view (since Jan 2006) which hit today at 10:55 a.m. by a visitor from Colombo, Sri Lanka who googled World's most beautiful muslim womens and arrived at my article 13 Beautiful Muslim Women, but I do not believe it was what he was looking for, he didn't download a single photo.

I am now averaging 1.5 million page views and one million visitors per year (with more than 3 million visitors as of today) - thank you to all my readers.

As most visitors will notice, I try to sprinkle photos throughout my articles. Spread among the more than 1950 posts I have written, there are more than 5100 photos, charts, drawings, and cartoons.

More than six hundred visitors a day download at least one image from my server with a total of more than 2000 downloads a day.

A quick look at Quantcast for my US Demographics reveals that 61% of my readers are male, 35% are between 35 and 49 years old, that one-third are not Caucasian, 51% are college educated or greater, 46% make more than $60K annually.

About 46% of my visitors come from outside the US. Interestingly, more than 10,800 visitors from Muslim countries (or about 14% of all visitors) knock on my door each month (most come from Indonesia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan and Malaysia in that order).

Brunei Darussalam, a country with less than 390,000 population supplies me with the smallest number of visitors: less than 10 per month.

In terms of Lifestyle, people who visit my site are likely to visit sites in these categories: science/nature, humor, politics & commentary, science & technology, video, fashion/cosmetics, and religion (who would have guessed?).

I attract 2.4 times the number of Hispanic visitors than the average US website.

As for the huge Muslim doorknocker at the top of this article, it is used mainly to attract those Muslim men who find nothing wrong with female breasts and come here by googling "Big Muslim knockers."

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