The MSM Will Never See it Coming

It's all in front of them, plain to see. The major American papers, the big TV broadcasters, the leftwing propagandists on cable like Jon Stewart and Bill Maher. They get the same news feeds that I do. They see the Islamization of Europe, the thwarted attacks by recent Muslim converts in America, the accommodations to Muslims in employment, the threats of violence or death to anyone who dares mock their religion.

The idiots at the MSM see something, but they don't know what it is. They don't see it coming. I doubt they ever will.

In the following video a Canadian Global news reporter decides to cover a sledding race from the bottom of the hill.

He is so busy reporting, so enthralled by his own words that he does not connect the dots, nor does he trace the path of descent. There is only the event unfolding before him, no thought of consequences, no conclusions to be drawn, no worrying about where this is all going to end.

But I see it coming. I mean I see what's coming for the civilized world. I'm not taking credit here for being a clairvoyant or a clever interpreter of the writing on the wall. I do not need to read between the lines; there are no lines between. No, there is no magic here. I simply take them at their word: imams all over America and Europe tell their faithful that Islam will rule the world; their military handbook (called the Qur'an) lays out the duties required of the believers in order to establish a single Dar al-Islam, that is, a world where Muslims rule.

Any Muslim, if he were honest with an infidel would gladly admit that his utmost heart's desire is a world filled only with Muslims. When Muslims call Islam a religion of peace; they are thinking of a world where the only religion is Islam, where the only political system is Islam, where the only social system is Islam.

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