BS Removal Kit fixing the Shame of Voting for Obama

bs removal kit
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I admit it. I voted for Obama - but I'm not ashamed because I didn't buy the BS promise of hope and change. And I certainly wouldn't be stupid enough to paste an Obama bumper sticker on my car without a full explanation of why I am voting for Obama [See Firing Employees who voted for Obama]. Otherwise I certainly would appear as an idiot.

But here's the explanation: I voted for Obama precisely because he is an incompetent moron who will bring this country to its economic knees. On 4 Jun 2008, I informed my readers I was going to vote for Obama (and the first time in my life I voted for a Democrat) so that I could make a killing in gold. On that day gold was 883.50 per ounce on London's Second Fix. And I placed a heavy bet that gold would rise hundreds of dollars.

Last month, less than halfway through his first term gold hit more than 1261 dollars per ounce and is currently hovering around $1200 an ounce.

Those of you who own very little gold and still voted for Obama and proudly displayed an Obama bumper sticker on your car, now have nothing to show for it. To help you liberal idiots out there, here is an Obama Bumper Sticker removal kit, or as they call it, the BS Removal Kit.

Be ashamed no longer. Drive around once again as a proud American. No one need know that you were an imbecile for voting for him. You can even deny you ever had an Obama bumper sticker.

Sadly, there is no cheap remedy for those of my readers who have tattoos of Obama in large areas of their bodies.

Obama Tattoo

There is a bright lining though, if you are the kind of person to do such a thing, I'm sure most of your friends already think of you as a complete buffoon, so it's unlikely the tattoo has diminished your stature in any way in your community.

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