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Muslim honor killing in America
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There are thousands of reported Honor Killings by Muslims each year throughout the world and even tens of thousands more that go unreported. In Turkey for example, honor killings are illegal so Muslim men resort to pressuring women to commit honor suicides (1).

Among the Palestinians, killing a wife, daughter, or sister for honor is not considered a crime and hence is not reported at all (2).

In many western countries, these crimes have been misreported since most police were unaware of the religious component to the crime. It is only recently that so many young Muslim women have been killed that they are now revisiting these crimes to see if they were in fact honor killings (3).

There is no shortage of Islamic laws that justify killing a woman for marrying a boy from the wrong community, or refusing an arranged marriage, or wearing non-Muslim-style clothing, or having a boyfriend, or even being raped. For example, a Jordanian man murdered his daughter (4) after she kept leaving home without permission. But that's not my point, Muslim women in the tens of thousands are killed for such petty reasons every year by Muslim men, so what's the big deal? No, my point here is that Jordan had so many honor killings that in 2003 a proposal was brought before its parliament to impose a harsher penalty for honor killings, which before then was merely a slap on the wrist. The result? It was overwhelmingly defeated because Islamists objected that a more severe punishment would violate religious traditions and damage Jordanian society! Wha?!? And this from what we consider a moderate Muslim country.

So while Muslim apologists will bleat that honor killings have nothing to do with Islam, it is noteworthy that Islamic laws in almost every Muslim country support honor killings by not allowing harsh punishment for men who do the deed. What hypocrisy. Listen Ahmed, you are not allowed to say Islam does not condone or encourage honor killings when in fact Islamic Law is used to prevent harsh penalties for men who commit these honor killings.

Imagine a country saying they do not support slavery but at the same time the punishment for having slaves is ten dollars. Yeah, right. Sell that story to liberal idiots.

Even in the US we have many, many honor killings. Let me admit right off that of course we have non-Muslim fathers murdering daughters and wives in the US for a variety of reasons. However, it is rare that one of the reasons is because of religious beliefs. And the reason for that is quite simple, there is no Christian or Jewish law that requires death to a woman for being nonreligious.

In Jonesboro, Georgia in July of 2008 a Pakistani immigrant strangled his 25-year-old daughter with a bungee cord because she filed for divorce to end her arranged marriage. (5) His excuse? Extramarital affairs and divorce are against his religion. His religion? Islam. But Islam has nothing to do with honor killings.

A few weeks earlier in upstate New York, Waheed Allah Mohammad, an immigrant from Afghanistan, repeatedly stabbed his 19-year-old sister. (6) Why? Because she was a "bad Muslim girl," he told sheriff's investigators. But Islam has nothing to do with honor killings.

A few months later in Texas an Egyptian immigrant named Yaser Abdel Said shot his two daughters upon learning that they had boyfriends (7). Why? Because infidel culture was corrupting the chastity of his daughters. But Islam has nothing to do with honor killings.

There is not enough ink or time for me to enumerate all the honor killings in the US by Muslim immigrants. But what would it prove anyway? Muslim apologists will continue to maintain that honor killings are ancient tribal customs and have nothing to do with Islam. A tribal thing, eh? Funny that. I did not know that these immigrants from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Egypt were members of the same ancient tribe. And the Turkish, Jordanian and Palestinian killers mentioned above, they too are members of the same ancient tribe. Pakistan has more than a thousand reported honor killings. Wow, what a big tribe. I wonder, and here I am wondering aloud, is there any one thing tying all these disparate tribal members to each other? I don't know, let me take a stab at it: they all follow the same soccer team? Nah. It must be something else. I just can't put my finger on it.

Epilogue - Murder in the Defense of Islam

If we could outlaw rage, if we could ban the importation of things that induce a person into a murderous rage, then certainly it would be a great thing as it would reduce murders caused by rage. In the same vein, Islam causes many men to kill their daughters, their sisters, and their wives. If we could ban the importation of Muslims, it would be a great thing as it would reduce murders caused by these men defending their religion.


Pamela Geller spent more time than I cataloging just the tip of the iceberg of honor killings:

Atlas Shrugs, Islam's War on Muslim Mothers, Daughters, Sisters

Another young woman tortured and murdered to add to the gruesome gallery..... The horror of these young girls terror stricken victims, who live in homemade concentration camps is given the imprimatur of the West in its complicit silence - the urbane face of bloodthirsty savagery. The West looks away and more girls lead desperate, brutal lives. The "Feminists" look away and pretend it is outside the realm of women's rights- leftists tools of Islamic jihad.. These useful idiots are on someone's payroll or they fear Islam. Either way, get out of the way. Shame on all of you for failing our women, our children, our girls, our very way of life. How dare they throw our superior culture with both hands.



Planck's Constant, How Many Honor Killings are There in Islam?

For Derya, a waiflike girl of 17, the order to kill herself came from an uncle and was delivered in a text message to her cellphone. “You have blackened our name,” it read. “Kill yourself and clean our shame or we will kill you first.” ...



In the Palestinian communities of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Israel, and Jordan, women are executed in their homes, in open fields, and occasionally in public, sometimes before crowds of cheering onlookers. Honor killings account for virtually all of the murders of Palestinian women in these areas.



Last month, British police said they were reviewing more than 100 recent murders that could have been honor killings in an effort to understand the crime pattern better.

Their counterparts in Europe are no less alarmed: Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, and France are addressing this growing problem.


Jihad Watch, Father charged in "honor killing" of 35-year-old daughter

AMMAN - A Jordanian man has been charged with premeditated murder after his 35-year-old daughter was shot dead in an apparent “honour killing,” a judicial source said on Thursday.

“The suspect was arrested on Wednesday following a complaint by his other daughter that he killed and buried her sister several months ago in the (northern) city of Ramtha,” the source told AFP.

“The man was charged after he confessed to murdering his daughter to cleanse the family’s honour because she frequently disappeared from home.”


Atlanta Journal Constitution, Woman killed over divorce

Chaudhry Rashid, 56, of Jonesboro, told police he is Muslim and that extramarital affairs and divorce are against his religion. That's why he killed her, the Clayton County arrest warrant says.

In court this week Rashid said, "I have done nothing wrong."


Family Security Matters, Exclusive: ‘One Nation under Allah’

Waheed Allah Mohammad, an immigrant from Afghanistan, was charged with attempted murder after repeatedly stabbing his 19-year-old sister. The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reported that Mohammad was "infuriated because his younger sister was going to clubs, wearing immodest clothing, and planning to leave her family for a new life in New York City" – she was a "bad Muslim girl," he told sheriff's investigators.


Dallas Morning News, Lewisville cab driver had been investigated for previous abuse

Sarah Said's final phone call rang into the Irving police dispatcher about 7:30 p.m. on New Year's Day: "I'm dying, I'm dying, I'm dying ..."

About an hour later, a man walked up to an orange cab parked at the Omni Mandalay Hotel in Irving. He discovered carnage – the bullet-shredded bodies of 17-year-old Sarah and 18-year-old Amina Said, honor students and athletes at Lewisville High School.

Almost immediately, police issued an arrest warrant for the girls' father, 50-year-old Yaser Said, an Egyptian-born cab driver who family members said was given to fits of violence, threats and gun-waving rants about how Western culture was corrupting the chastity of his daughters.

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