No One Has Hijacked Islam

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Muslims have for many years excused the despicable and savage acts of their coreligionists by declaring that they are not following true Islam.

Many Muslims will inform gullible infidels "true" Muslims would never be violent because Islam means peace. It does not - Islam comes from the root of the word submission. Islam means to submit and does not mean peace anymore than the word 'piece' means 'peace.'

But the excuses really started to fly after 9/11. Before then, the majority of Americans believed Islam was a religion similar to Christianity and Judaism. When the WTC buildings collapsed, so did the facade Islam presented to the West.

Muslims and their apologists tried to blame the attacks on extremists who "hijacked" their religion. (1)

When a single, lone, insane Jew goes berserk and attacks a group of Muslim worshipers, the Muslim world blames Israel, all Zionists, and all Jews collectively. One attack and all Jews are to blame.

But when thousands of terrors attacks since 9/11 (more than 16,200 as of today) are committed by thousands and thousands of Muslims, in hundreds of countries, belonging to differing ethnicities and cultures, no Muslim is to blame because these acts of butchery, savagery, barbarity, were not done by "true" Muslims.

I might be able to accept that excuse if all terrorists were Indonesian and simply misunderstood the Qur'an because they do not speak Arabic. But how does one explain that all 19 of the hijackers on 9/11 came from Arabic-speaking countries? What is it that they did not understand in Arabic?

How is it possible that Muslims from Indonesia (2002 Bali bombings), the Philippines (Valentine's Day Bombings), Pakistan (Mumbai Massacre), Lebanon (Hijacking of Flight 847), Syria (the Hama Massacre), and on and on all misinterpret the Qur'an in exactly the same way in different countries, speaking different languages, living under different cultures? Despite all that, Pashtuns, Bengalis, Arabs, Berbers, Indonesians, Nigerians, Somalis, Algerians, and on and on all mistranslate the Qur'an in the exact same way.

Perhaps it is you, Ahmed, the moderate Muslim, who is not following the Qur'an, who is ignoring the commands to kill the unbelievers. Perhaps it is you, the moderate Muslim, who ignores the violent Medinan Suras not realizing that they abrogated the kinder, gentler Meccan verses.

Perhaps you actually believe that Islam means peace. In which case, you are the one trying to hijack the religion of the extremists. You poor deluded, misguided fool.


(1):, 26 Oct 2001, Cat Stevens: 'They have hijacked my religion'

Today, I am aghast at the horror of recent events and feel it a duty to speak out. Not only did terrorists hijack planes and destroy life, they also hijacked the beautiful religion of Islam and split the brother-and-sisterhood of mankind, many of whom are still sorrowfully ignorant and unaware of each other. The targeting of unsuspecting civilians going about their daily work was energised by nothing but blind irreligious hatred. Yet we should remember that this kind of atrocity has been a common occurrence, year on year, in many lands. My personal experience of the prolonged suffering and death inflicted on Bosnia at the end of the last century is something that I will not easily forget.

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